sunshine swims

another day in paradise 
there is nothing like an icy cold dip to make you feel alive, it's especially pleasant when the sun's hot enough to warm you up once you can't bare the water anymore. 
i don't think lake huron will be swimable when i go up at the end of the month, but here's to hoping! wearing:randon wolf sweatshirt, vintage wolf tee, vintage levis, rayban oversized wayferers, vintage old navy "1994" sweatshirt, uggs


true north muse - madchen amick as shelly johnson in twin peaks

her lips, those eyebrows, the hair, that face - madchen amick is such a stunner
my all time favourite twin peaks darling
shelly may have had bad luck with men, but she sure looked amazing in that diner uniform
a 90's teen dream


stay gold

there's something so beautiful about the light in early fall. it makes for such pretty pictures, especially when you have the whole beach to yourself.
 don't let the warm clothing fool you either, i actually went swimming the next day it was so beautiful out. here's to hoping for similar weather in a few weeks when i'm back. 
 wearing: vtg old navy 1994 sweatshirt, vintage levis shorts from sub rosa vintage, customized urban outfitters beanie, uggs and rayban over sized wayfarers

great lakes life

it's been a long time... i shouldn't have left you, without some dope beats to step to... step to - step to....
i'm back in the blogging mood, so i decided to return to the land of true north style. i've been on youtube, instagram and tumblr since i last posted here, but i've been missing the medium that started it all. i hope some of my lovely readers are still around after my hiatus and if not, well i guess there's always my own personal style documentation.
I wanted to post some pictures of past trips to port eligin, on the shores of lake huron, because I'm heading up again soon and i'm getting pretty excited to see those gorgeous sunsets and pristine beaches...
stay tuned for more from one of my favourite places on the planet.
wearing: vintage shorts, vtg harley davidson tee from f as in frank, urban outfitters midnight magic tank and spy optics alcatraz sunnies. Try Again by Aaliyah on Grooveshark


true north muse - corey mason from empire records

 corey mason isn't just a character liv tyler plays in empire records, she's a personal icon. from the very first time i saw her on screen i would forever associate baby blue furry sweaters, mini kilts and combats with it girl status. i wanted to be her, minus the speed addiction, and this past halloween i got to do just that. i threw together a topshop sweater, vintage kilt and my very own empire records employee lanyard and spent a few hours in corey's boots. 
dream come true 
if you've never seen this gem of a film, what are you waiting for? i promise you'll fall in love with corey, aj, mark, deb, lucas, warren and gina and we all could use a little tao of lucas once and a while.