romps and riots

a simple summer outfit, an easy navy romper with my favourite pendleton bag.
i can't get enough of this bag, perfect for summer days in the park and it adds some brightness to ever look. we could use some brightness today as the g20 summit is really bringing me down. there are riots in my hometown streets, protesters smashing windows and setting cars on fire. i'm all for the right to protest peacefully but this is ridiculous. people have a complete disregard to honest people's livelihoods and property.
romper: urban outfitters, tee: alternative apparel, shoes: minnetonka, bag: pendleton


glastonbury 2010- day 1

emma watson at glastonbury in a louis vuitton corset.
src. dailymail


mini leopard and the alexa jacket

dress: vintage, shoes: seychelles, jacket: topshop, bag: mulberry brooke


flowers and moss

up there with the best of the best moss looks. i can't get over the simple loveliness of this outfit. the sweet dress has the perfect shape, cinched by a vintage looking belt. add some trademark mossy bedhead and red nails and you get a look that is truly covetable. i adore this picture.
***for those of you following the beautiful game this month, i had to mention my people's 7-0 win today! yeah! go portugal.


falcon crest

i can't say enough about this top, all my favourite things + navy + the perfect shape.
do you all have any recent favourtie purchases? tell me about them.
top: urban outfitters, boots: steven by steve madden.


a life in pictures

massive tumblr update at true north loves.
this is a taste of the images that went up yesterday. i really hope you all check it out.
tumblr is where i post all the things that are close to my heart.


izzy 360

muted tones, vintage patterns, easy hair and worn in leather.
isabel lucas.


alexa three ways

three favourites, especially the top look with the muberry and luella skirt. that is my favourite alexa era. 2008 alexa - i thought her whole look: body, hair, make up and clothes were just perfection. check out more from that time here. i love the sheer top in the bottom left picture, the textured coat and her alexa bag, obvi. in the right shot, the combo of her leather pants and denim shirt is just lovely and the simple accessories make the look.


kitties in bowties

you saw a preview of this look in my balenciaga post a few days ago. the now infamous zara miu miu inspired cat dress. i'm still hoping to get my hands on a piece of that collection but until then this dress will have to satisfy me. i think it's best worn belted and it really is perfect for the summer heat, so lightweight. i wore it with my oversized vintage levi jacket to take away some of it's sweetness and my aforementioned balenciaga. how many of you bought this zara gem?
dress: zara, belt: vintage, jacket: vintage levis, shoes: nine west, bag: balenciaga, necklace: in god we trust, ring: sarah chloe.


april haulage

so as well as one of my favourite mossy pictures, i give you fresh april haulage. you can see all the lovely items i bought in the month of april. if you like my videos feel free to subscibe to my youtube channel at http://youtube.com/truenorthstyle and you can also check out my mascara and miscellaneous april favourites below.


alexa chung: street snapped

alexa in kate moss for topshop. i remember her wearing this many moons ago on popworld and i love that she still reaches for it. it's my favourite kate moss piece and i'd love to get my hands on it. she was snapped by the girls at fashionista shopping in nyc and is carrying the leopard print russell and bromley bag he wore to the new moon premiere here.
oh alexa how i adore thee....
alexa wearing the dress 4 years ago on popworld
src. fashionista and tfs


always back to you

i can never get enough sienna. anyone whose been following true north style for a while knows she is my ultimate style inspiration. i love her attitude about dressing, the way she mixes her favourite pieces into her wardrobe in fresh ways and her bohemian spirit. i think her rekindled love affair with jude has brought back a little of that 2004/05 magic and her lovely bangs as well. i haven't seen her look this good since her g.i. joe press junket. these are some recent favourites.
sienna arriving in paris with an incredible piece of monogramed louis luggage, that lovely denim biker, her favourite prada bag and some gorgeous heart earrings + hot pink nails.
then there's sienna out in london, first in her fabulous chloe susans, perfect aviators and the same striped tee she took to paris. secondly, she's wearing insane camilla skovgaard wedges, leather pants and her prada and denim biker once again. sigh** so pretty and with hardly any make up.
src. tfs



so summer is truly here. i get to wear all my pretty floral dresses and lose all the layers.
it's always great to finally wear those pieces you bought in the dead of winter during the first spring shipments to the stores. i wore this dress on the first really hot day of the year to lounge on a patio and then sit in the park.....
**summer always brings about blooming lilacs and that's probably my favourite smelling flower. i bought a great perfume today on sale at urban called flower market by save fragrance. it smells just like lilacs so now i can have them with me all year round.
jacket: vintage/diy studded gap, dress: h&m, moccs: minnetonka, necklaces: rackk and ruin and another feather


bilson 4 ways

always covetable, rachel's look. these are some recent favourites of mine.
in isabel marant leopard print at cannes, almost perfect in margiela heels and an embroidered belt, the now classic button down blouse/denim short combo with a to die for blanket bag and lastly in pretty in gauzy, peasant layers. i love how in every outfit you see a touch of bohemia. you really get that rachel is a girl who loves vintage and ethnic pieces, which is something that really speaks to me about her style.
src. justjared/tfs