nylon, denim issue august 2008

i'm a magazine addict and every month i scour the racks for inspiration and fashion buys. i'm not nice to my magazines and tear out all my favourite pages leaving the rest of the book for the recycling bin. i can always tell when a magazine is particularly good by the number of torn out pages. usually nylon ranks high on my list and i love the annual denim issue but this year i was a bit disappointed. i thought the pictures of mischa barton were nice but her interview did nothing for her. in fact i like her so much less now that i've read it. the editorials were uninspiring and only noot seear saved it for me with one tear. that said these are the things i liked. 1. denim issue equals great denim ads and i loved this diesel one. great styling, loved the native imagery and great jeans. 2. i loved the balmain inspired page, great a. wang bag and vuitton scarf. 3. thelma and louise, fab. the icon page is probably my fav. nylon feature and this one didn't disappoint. great boots, almost as good as these golden goose ones that i love but way cheaper and awesome acid wash diesel jeans. 4. the diesel article. i see a trend here, maybe i'm liking the diesel. i can't wait for nyc and the diesel flagship. i've never had a pair but my sister is a huge fan and these distressed ones are great. 5. great travel article on kenya with beautiful images. also loved the look at edinburgh and new zealand appealing to the travel junkie in me. 6. noot looking fantastic. adore the jacket and the short details. she has amazing hair, colour, cut everything. 7. distressed denim, yeah! love the levis and a. wang pair but hate aggy why is it impossible to get away from her? so overexposed. 8. finally the bag check. i love the leather bound notebooks and need one on my fall wishlist, the smythson is especially cute. honorable mentions: good society denim blurb, love that they're organic, fair trade and look great;current/elliott blurb, you all know i love this brand & can't wait for it to hit stores; headband feature, long live b.; dulcinee shop post, i'll have to go there when i hit nyc; bunnyshop.org article; and the feature on the new water repellent a. wang zip up jeans, i loved this collection.

girls love horses

i'm trying more and more to decorate my apartment and really start to make it feel like a home. like i've mentioned before i never expected to say here long so i never put much thought into making it my own. but, after 3 years here it's clear i'm not going anywhere so i better start the improvements. this gallery is a recent addition. it started with the circle mirror and the mary picture. my boyfriend loves mary imagery and he wants this pic as a tattoo on his arm. i don't know if he'll ever go through with it, he's a tattoo virgin, but for now she hangs on our wall. then the other day i was cosmically drawn to the salvation army. i never shop there because the selection is beyond awful at this location but for some reason i had to go in. there i found this adorable horse mirror. i love horse imagery and i've always wanted horse drawings and paintings. this one is a little kitschy but i love it and the three pieces make a nice grouping. i hope to continue to add to the group and turn the space into a full gallery wall as i collect more interesting pieces.

when you wish

my starry shirt arrived and thankfully it fit almost perfectly. it's a little big in the shoulder but it still looks good on and even though it's a bit short to wear as a dress it looks great over shorts of skinny jeans. i wonder if when i wash it it will shirk a little too. either way a great top to take into fall. i think my ebay success has ended with this shirt though. ever since i've had a fake mulberry bag (that was thankfully returned and i got my money back), lost out on a miu miu bag by 20$ and the auction for the sold out leather jacket of my dreams ended early for some reason, argh! i think i'm going to forget ebay all together and just save up for nyc.

top: topshop
shorts: h&m
sandals: vintage
earrings: gypsy

ash and mary-lynette

it's hard to find variations of the classic plaid button down that don't look contrived or trendy. this top has the plaid but it's the subtle details that make it work. the thinner material allows it to float away from the body, the button placket still shows the neckline and skin in a subtle way and the overall shape of the garment accentuates the female form but doesn't shove it in your face.

as a sidenote in case i have some younger readers out there. i wanted to let you know that my favourite author in high school l.j. smith is having all her books re-released right now. i was in chapters yesterday and there they were, i was so excited even though i still have them all. i think the power of the twilight series of books made it happen because her books are very similar but they were written in the late 90's. my favourite was the secret circle series.

shirt: vintage
jeans: modified see thru soul
shoes: minnetonka
headband: forever 21


this was my take on an outfit on saw on the sartorialist the other day. i posted the photo on this blog and it had this woman who blended navy and black with a cascade of ruffles and layers. i tried to emulate her with items i had in my closet. i think i needed a dress with smaller ruffles and i tank with a touch more slouch to match the original look but i came pretty close. 

tank: h&m
dress: spoof
belt: vintage
shoes: vintage
bag: tylie malibu
scarf: urban outfitters
sweater: french connection


what's in my bag

here's a little video i just made of what's in my bag. my answer to fashionista.com's ongoing series. don't mind the roughness of it, it's my first time doing a video and i didn't exactly rehearse beforehand. so here's what's in my tylie.



penny loafers

i like ballet flats but i don't love ballet flats. i own them and wear them but they've never really been me. i tend to go for the moccasin over them everytime unless the outfit is more dressy or needs a black shoe. in those cases i relay on my london soles or my old jc ballets. one day while going through pictures on alexa i came across these ysl patent penny loafers and i just needed them. these are the perfect ballet flat alternative. they'd be perfect with little dresses, with tights in the fall, to toughen up girly items and prim up a grungy look. unfortunatly, i'm not a big fashion it girl like alexa who gets free clothes and presenting gigs and my boyfrind isn't as big a musicain as alex turner so these are currently are not an option. that lead me to my latest ebay purchase, these black suede charles jourdan penny loafers. not as cute or shiny as the ysl pair but still fab and substantially less expensive. i hope they fit and arrive before my vacation so i can post an outfit post with them on. that brings me to some news, i will be away from the blog for at least a week if not two starting august 3rd. i'm headed to muskoka but i will be back soon with hilarious cottage photos.


another dress made for summer. i found this vintage mexican dress at a shop sale and it wasn't in the best shape but after a good wash and some alterations i got it looking pretty. i find belting it takes away a bit of the loadness of the embriodery and tones it down. but it looks cute loose to and it's more breezy. today i'm going to spend the afternoon going through magazines, avoiding the rain and later go out for fish sandwiches. i will not be posting today's outfit though because i look like me in 2005. this top and skirt may have looked great back then but maybe these clothes belong in the give away pile now. i was experimenting with things i haven't worn in a while and it's gone less then right but i'm strangely sticking with it or maybe i'm just too tired to change, it was a late... late night.

dress, belt: vintage, vintage 69
shoes: minnetonka
ring and earrings: h&m

que sera sera

sometimes you go into a store for no reason at all and it's a shop that you normally always pass by. it's on those occasions that you can find a surprise, an amazing piece that you've been looking for. the other day while in the mall this happened to me. i went into bluenotes, a store i haven't shopped at since high school and there was this adorable tee. now i don't usually support knock offs but it was just so perfect and i haven't been able to find the sass and bide original in any shops here. i've wanted this tee ever since i saw alexa chung in it and i even included it in my three hearts polyvore set. funny enough as i reached for my usual medium that normally gives my tees the right amount of slouch i saw that medium at bootlegger is like small or x-small. the x-small tee looked like it was for a small child and in the end i bought an x-large just in case there is shrinking when i wash it. alexa's is still nicer as you can tell the material is quality and the cut is more interesting but we can't always get what we want. i am compiling all my favourite alexa outfits from the past little while and i'm going to post them soon but right now i'm done my eggos and i got to hit the showers. have a great saturday everyone.

*pics of alexa from fashion spot

top: bluenotes
skirt: american apparel
shoes: h&m (they drove me crazy as they never stayed on and i threw them out)
belt: h&m
braclet: claires



blue jeans and a white tee. it's such a crisp, classic combo. i don't really wear a lot of white tees because i find they draw attention to your waistline and i feel that's my problem area. i'm short waisted and i have a very strait body so there's not a lot of definition there. plus, i like sweets alot and the gym very little so i'm not exactly sporting a six pack. i don't hate anything about my body but i like to look my best so that's why i've steered away from white tees. this one works because it's not too tight or too shear. this outfit would have looked cute with my striped toms too but i always go for the moccasins, i just can't help it.

top: american eagle

jeans: modified sevens
shoes: minnetonka

showing my stripes

this is my new nautical sweater. it's part of the gap's pre-fall collection and i couldn't resist picking it up. i love the stripes they're so classic and for some reason i associate them with paris, i think it's because of petit bateau. not only is the sweater light weight so it can be tucked into something high waisted but it is also super soft because it's part cashmere. plus, cream and white together is so fresh. i didn't wear the sweater all day because it's too hot for it still and you'll get to see my outfit without it on in the next post. to continue with the nautical/parisian theme here are some inspiring pictures of raquel zimmermann from vogue paris sept. 2007. this is one of my favourite editorials of all time, simply perfection.

sweater: gap
jeans: customized seven
moccasins: minnetonka


party all dark knight

speaking of alexa. here she is at the dark knight premiere with fellow it girl daisy lowe rocking chanel, fantastic shoes.
pics from fashion spot

ch-ch-check it out

another surprise from forever 21. buffalo check, stretchy belt, high waist and just the right amount of fullness. it reminds me a lot of mcq by a. mcqueen. i spotted this skirt from the line while i was waiting to buy a headband and had to get it. is it just me or is it funny that forever 21's sizing is just, s. m. l. etc? i guess that how they keep things cheap, less variation. two sweet outfits and two good hair days in a row. i had to add the pin to keep my shirt up because it's oversized and constantly falling off the shoulder. i love the sheerness though and i think a little slouch is very flattering. today has been so crummy, with so much rain that it's got me thinking about fall and i went to a.a. and bought two pairs of over the knee socks. perhaps, i'll be channeling alexa at glastonbury while shopping in nyc? without the unflattering jean shorts though, those made her look huge and she has a fantastic if not skinny body.

top: urban outfitters
skirt: forever 21
shoes: nine west
earrings: claires
pin: vintage

blue laced

one of my favourite dresses, with a corseted top and a flowy skirt. it's sexy, easy and the colour makes it all season. just add tights, a cardi or even a top underneath the bodice and it's perfect for fall. showing off my bright orange and dusty purple polish, rimmel and nyc colour respectively. more about penelope, what a sweet movie. great characters, christina ricci is so charming and james mcavoy makes the perfect romantic lead. he's not too attractive, too buff or too perfect. he's messy, flawed, real and with perfect eyes.  i didn't think i'd like it so much and the set direction was beautiful. it reminded me a lot of moulin rouge. tonight, i'm going to watch 21 and see it jim sturgess and kate bosworth are as captivating, hopefully it lives up to the book. 

dress: urban outfitters
shoes: nine west
necklace: marc by marc jacobs
bracelet: vintage

i'm no penelope

it's been so long, too long and i have so many posts for you that they'll probably be over two days. i'll jump right into things with this outfit from last week. after trying to pair down my closets again i decided these french connection star pocket jeans had their last days as pants and chopped them into long shorts. i'll definitely wear them more now and considering how i searched forever for them in my obsessive star phase i should wear them as much as possible. these earrings also came out of that time in my life, oh about 4-5 years ago. i must also express how fantastic these gap pocket tees are, so soft, not clingy, great muted colour i may have to get one in navy for fall. first i'm going to see if the oil stains come out of this one because it's essential that my tees wash well in my current line of work but i hope i won't have that problem anymore in the near future. i am kind of excited for the fall gap line though and seeing the grunge inspired looks patrick robinson has come up with, it looks great in the layouts i've seen. for some reason the photos are a bit blurry, i think it's the low light, but i'm also contemplating a new camera. maybe i'll buy one before my trip to nyc because i'm going again in october, yeah! i booked over the weekend and i'm so excited. i'm going with my sister for a girl's weekend which is sure to include lots of shopping and hopefully topshop.

currently i'm: buying mgmt on itunes, listening to j. timberlake, watching penelope and falling in love with james mcavoy again, plowing through a huge stack of magazines, hearing the thunder and rain and dreaming of cafe habana and mulberry in october.
top: gap
scarf: h&m
earrings: gypsy
shorts: modified french connection
shoes: converse


brown eyed girl

i have so many outfit posts on my camera to upload for you but until then here are some lovely ladies who are inspiring me with their looks right now. leighton and rachel are my two favourite petit brunettes and they always look amazing. i adore rachel's jacket and i love how leighton's dress accentuates all her curves with it's perfect fit.

all photos from www.justjared.com

the owls are not what they seem

i've been watching season 2 of twin peaks and i adore the show's atmosphere and style. fashion wise it's all about great knits, lots and lots of knits,fifties/nineties influences, plaids, saddle shoes, bright lips, blown out wavy hair and rich autumn colours. everything plays off the woods and northern environment and seductive film noir with a focus on strong images. the women are all gorgeous with donna/ lara flynn boyle, laura&maddy/sheryl lee, shelly/madchen amick, audrey/sherilyn fenn and norma, who is played by peggy lipton from the mod squad. there is even the small part of annie played by a young heather graham. my favourite fashion piece in the episodes i watched is laura's sunglasses and you can see them on maddy below. they really encompass the film noir vibe of the show. the show is fantastic and although it gets a little weird at the end of the series and ends with a lot of questions it remains a part of my childhood. i remember watching it with my mom and sister, staying up late and being terrified by bob, hell he still scares the crap out of me.