one of my favourite 90's girls, bridget hall.


so i might be a little behind on posting because i finally got my wii and wii fit. it's sorry news for me as i've become completely engulfed by it's power and can do little else. so far i've discovered i'm actually better then my boyfriend at every game we've played. i am atrocious at dance dance revelation so it's a good thing he refuses to play it and i currently have the wii level of an 80 year old, soo embarrassed. i will try to tear myself anyway from it for a few minutes to post but it might be difficult :) until next time, i leave you with a new alexa picture via delightful. it's behind the scenes of her ad campaign for new look. happy weekend.



these cold days are really getting me down. you can't wear the shoes you want to wear and it's too cold to reach for your best items. instead i am constantly wanting to layer and cocoon in warm fabrics like this cashmere sweater. in fact, i actually wore this sweater two days in a row, it's so cozy. whenever i go thrifting i always check the men's sweaters for cashmere prizes like this but they don't come along very often and half the time you do find them they're all matted from improper washing. i also love raiding kevin's give away piles for items that he's over but i might like. this hat was one of those snatches. i love how slouchy it is and it's probably the closest i can get to the a.wang angora beanie. well, i got to wrap up this post and head to the mall to try and track down that gap jacket and a wii. kevin bought a flat screen wednesday and now we're adding wii to the mix. i can't wait to hit the balance board and do my tricks while playing shawn white snowboarding, ahhh i'm obsessed with that game.

sweater: banana republic, mens, thrifted
top: h&m
pants: urban
shoes: marc by marc jacobs
necklace and cuff: luv your pets and thrifted
hat: the fella's


miss february

it's a little early but she's too fabulous to delay. i give you isabeli fontana as miss february .

in bloom

i love this shape, a wrap/cardigan all flowy and draped. it adds ease and interest to a look while also being very comfortable. this little floral piece was an immediate love. i didn't have to try it on to know it would fit into my wardrobe perfectly. desprate to break up the winter uniform of jeans, tees and sweaters i've fell into to stay warm i decided to risk frostbite, layer up and wear a skirt. i hopeful step towards spring? not exactly it snowed another half a foot yesterday.

top and tank: urban outfitters
skirt: american apparel
leggings: f21
boots: vintage


oh, sienna is it really you?

sienna miller was the s**t for me a few years back. she could do no wrong and i'd have given anything for her wardrobe. but, after she began shooting factory girl i found her signature style lacking. maybe, she was tired of all the boho imitators, maybe she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress instead of just a fashion icon or maybe she was just jaded and uninspired. gone were here chloe boots, matthew williamson tunics and hippie furs. it was sad for me b/c i loved this girl and i still do but she is no longer someone i turn to for fashion inspiration. then i saw these pics on denimology. the layering, check. the 60's fur and ethnic scarf, check. the boho golden fringy hair and her much loved balenciaga, check. could it be? are you making a comeback ms. miller? please let it be so. pics from siennastyle.org, just jared.com and google.

some of my fav. pics of sienna past... here in vintage ossie clark (i love ossie)
and that fantastic w magazine shoot in a perfect miu miu bra.
in her infamous floral cowboy boots with jude, love her festival looks in 
minis, westwood and mirrored sunnies.
her mom's moroccan belt that spawned a thousand imitations. she had the best
chloe boots. just give me all her shoes....
the ultimate. sienna in williamson. i ♥ ♥ ♥. porgy and bess are adorable too.

my favourite gaps

lara stone and this gap leather biker jacket


where the magic happens

my bedroom. all the little things that make me happy are in here plus most of my clothes. you can see the fireplace i wished worked, the dresser top in which all my jewelry resides, the mantle of knick knacks my fella hates and my sweater shelf that holds all my plaids, best bags and books on the go. you can see some of my favourites; my burton luggage, my bayswater, a fab vintage chair, all the pics of my late puppy plus his collar, kate and johnny and my antler collection. 


coco puff

flipping through the new us vogue, bought only because miss blake's on the cover, i came across this amazing bag. grey suede, tons of slouch and it's a.wang. the perfect downtown tote. plus it's model by the fantastic miss rocha. have you check out coco's blog, oh so coco? very cute and great insight on life as a supermodel.


here's that unitard i posted about a while back. i tried it first as leggings, pairing it with a long tee and striped cardigan. i love the look but unfortunately crushed velvet creates a lot of stickage. my shirt was constantly riding up and grabbing at the leggings. it's kind of making me lean towards turning the unitard into a leotard and trashing the leg part. but maybe that's a bad idea and all i need to do is find a silkier top to pair with the pants. what do you think of this look? i'll be posting the top look soon for comparison because keeping it as a long sleeved, full leg uni is just too hot to wear.

sweater: urban outfitters

dress/tee: h&m
leggings: vintage unitard, thrifted
boots: vintage guess
necklace: love your pets, gift from chaz
rings: forever 21, street vendor