piece by piece

here's a little outfit building breakdown from this morning. first, i wanted to get as much boot wearing in as possible before it's 40 degrees out so started out with skinny jeans. then of course the aforementioned boots and on top is the now iconic aa deep v tee in grey jersey. then here's where i had to try some things. i really wanted to wear my new quebecer, aka fringy scarf, but it was really cold today and i thought i needed a sweater. problem was my stripy sweater didn't go with the scarf. but, with the addition of my favourite coat of the moment it all works; scarf over coat over sweater over tee. i finished it off with some bone and shell jewelry and i went out to spend the day with my sister. she was getting a tattoo at tcb to cover up one she had done in mexico and you'll have to see if i was impulsive and got one too. oh, don't mind the rice crispies bowl, my boyfriend really likes baseball.

coat: vintage, badlands
sweater: thrifted, vintage benneton
tee: american apparel
jeans: j brand
boots: vintage, from eleven in new york
scarf: h&m
earrings and bracelet: thrifted


perogies and primitivo

woke up today to rice crispies and thrift store shopping. i managed to find two cute blazers/jackets. i need to fix some buttons and surgically remove some shoulder pads and we will see if they are keepers. after walking the streets for four hours i went by work for a wine tasting and then i headed to prague deli for perogies and schnitzel with sonya and mona. i've been trying to be more creative with my outfits and not just pick jeans and tee's all the time. i have so many cute things and i feel like i'm not making the most of my wardrobe so today i wore three new acquisitions. i'm really glad i bought this tee, not only was it under 8$ but i just knew it would look great tucked into high waisted things. plus, the print has swallows, roses, skulls, swords and a diamond on it, sweet. this skirt looks great up at the ribcage but you can also wear it at the hip. that's what is so great about american apparel. the pieces are so simple that you can wear them a million ways, they're so versatile. it's also cooled down a lot since sunday night so i got to wear my suede motorcycle jacket that i love so much.

tee: h&m
belt: h&m
skirt: american apparel
leggings: aritzia
boots: vintage
jacket: vintage
sunglasses: roxy, breakfast club
earrings: gypsy
cuff: thrifted, 99 cents!

chuck tuesdays

i was visiting fashionista today and they were discussing gossip girl as per usual for a tuesday. one of the comments was how they should call their posts chuck tuesdays as they have a small obsession with ed's character, i have one as well although dan is quite nice too. so that's where i got the inspiration for this post title. it's also where one nice commenter answered my plea and informed me that my item of obsession from last night's episode was a cardigan from vena cava. as soon as i saw serena in the studded sweater i had to know who made and where i could get it. i've yet to find it for sale online but at least i have a pic from the vena cava website. while there i also fell in love with their leather jackets. i might have to track these down. side note*** i love how serena is starting to rely on chuck, just like a real brother it's great to see his softer side.



two great girls, two great looks, leighton and lou.


i was so tired today i didn't even brush my hair this morning. i did however manage to put together this look for work. this is the new vest i got on saturday at urban, i love the wolf print. i can't say the day was too exciting but i am very anxious for gossip girl in 40 mins and i might check out newton faulkner play tonight. tomorrow i think i'll hit some thrift and vintage stores as it's my day off so i might have some good finds to post.

new itunes buys: paper planes; mia, heartbeat; scouting for girls, bleeding heart; leona lewis, i don't wanna fall in love; jane child

vest: urban renewal at urban outfitters
top: h&m
necklace: red pegasus
jeans: sevens
shoes: converse all star

serena, amy, raye, lita and mina

i thrifted this vintage smart set top a while back and it got me thinking how cool stores like smart set, esprit, canary island and cotton ginny were back in the 80's. it's funny how places go in and out of favor with teens and how quickly a store can loose it's "it factor". i don't think i've shopped at smart set since 8th grade but this top is so cute with it's sailor collar. i spent this day spending money at urban outfitters and buying random items like nuts and cheese in the market. it's been a few weeks since i hit urban and i loved too many things. i settled on three items, a brown vest, eagle print tee and my fav. a pair of button up high waisted shorts. on a side note i was checking out fashion toast today and rumi was posting about empire records. it's so funny because i just bought that movie and have been thinking about it a lot lately with my new rory cochrane obsession.

top: vintage smart set, thrifted
belt: h&m
jeans: paige
headband: urban outfitters


hearts, stars and birthday parties

after an awful work dream last night, never feeling like i would ever get caught up with things i woke up to an amazing brunch at mitzi's enjoying their famous oatmeal buttermilk pancake. it was a little chilly today so i got to wear the leather coat i got thrifting on wednesday. i also hit up american apparel, a vintage shop and the magazine store before i had to head into work. a better than average productivity for a workday for me. after work the gang headed to beaconsfield to celebrate alex's birthday and waiting for me when i got home from the bar was rascal, every ready for whiskas temptations and a warm bed. at the vintage store i picked up an amazing corseted silk albert nippon strapless dress. not only was it really cheap and in great condition but it has an adorable heart and star print. which, looking at my tattoo and jewelry collection is very me. i think it will be the perfect thing to wear to sonia's birthday party next month.

listening to: america, razorlight and almost lover, a fine frenzy
eating: home made chocolate chip muffins, mmmm.
coat: thrifted
sweater: aritzia
black tank: aritzia
polka dot tunic: zara
jeans: modified see thru soul
moccasin boots: minnetonka
bag: tylie malibu
scarf: vintage
jewelry: claires, american eagle, marc by marc jacobs


sweet sixteen

i wore this is the outfit to work today so i was layered up once again. i need to get a deep v tee from american apparel in a small to wear under things, all mine are oversized. this grey tee i thought looked good a little blousen around the dress neckline though. this dress is one of my favourite easy summer pieces. i bought it for 16.99 and it has such a great cut i had to get it in the orange colour too. i've been inspired by rachel bilson and rumi from fashion toast lately and it's urged me to break out my old jeans jacket. i just cut the sleeves off of it today to make it a little more cropped and fitted. it's funny, when i originally bought this the cropped fit was so retro 80's and no one was buying it that i got it at a huge discount. now 5 years later cropped jackets are commonplace. i still have to sew the sleeves but i wore it anyway, i've been impatient like that a lot lately. i think this outfit would have look cool with chunky heels but it has to be flats for work so instead i turned to my trusty moccasins once again. oh, i had to put in a close up of the hair and makeup today because i really liked how it turned out. one a side note, walking home today i noticed a obvious knockoff off my marc by marc bag in a store window and it made me so mad.

jacket: modified gap
tee: urban outfitters
dress: h&m
tights: urban outfitters
shoes: minnetonka
belt: vintage, thrifted
ring: h&m

bed head

i had to document my hair this morning. isn't always the truth that the day your hair is dirty and in definite need of a wash you wake up and it looks perfect. today was one of those days. i could never get it this curly with a curling iron, when it's clean it's stick straight. but this morning i get amazing sandy hair from the last scene in grease with no effort. i always wanted her hair from the album cover when i was little.

hey angela who's the boss?

i've been obsessed with trying to find a "the boss" mug ever since i saw this photo spread in nylon a while back. not so much because i feel i'm the boss but more so because i love the boss, aka bruce springsteen. i scoured thrift stores to no avail and i thought i would never find one. then i saw these mugs at starbucks, heart heart, that come with pens so you can customize them. the proportions of the mug were just like the one in the pic and i knew i'd have my boss mug at last. even though my penmanship is notoriously shaky, ist year graphic design class can attest to that, i think it looks pretty similar. i also wrote some blind melon lyrics on the back, " i just want someone to say to me i'll always be there when you wake". i may not get to see my boyfriend every morning but i do get to see my coffee so i thought it was appropriate.


big chute

yesterday was so nice we had to make the most of it. kevin and i went up to big chute in muskoka to try our luck at fishing for the first time this season. although, we didn't end up catching anything we did enjoy the sunshine and relaxing afternoon. the day would have been perfect if we had brought some food with us because we had to leave at five, as we were starving. next time we'll pack some lunch so we can stay till the sun goes down.

shorts: thrifted
tank: alternative apparel
bra top: american apparel
flip flops: havaiana's
earrings: gypsy

rain showers

another day another work outfit. i felt like wearing a dress and getting the most out of the warmer weather so picked this plaid babydoll. i bought it at a vintage type store but i think it's from forever 21 originally. i usually wear it without the tee underneath but we have to wear sleeves at work so i layered it. today i tried to avoid downpours by going thrifting and checking out bikes at walmart. i found a pair of sevens, a cropped leather jacket and another 90's floral dress but no bike yet. the sun is starting to come out again so i might have to go grab a coffee.

dress: forever 21
tee: american apparel
flats: h&m
earrings: gypsy



it's back. my favourite, gossip girl returned tonight. i don't even know where to begin. i luved serena's looks she was flawless even with unwashed hair. jenny in her valentino and polka dot halter dress, amazing. blair as audrey and lounging in silk pj's. all of it i loved. the boys were great and i felt so bad for chuck. i think he's my favourite even though i think dan's the best looking. next week's preview showed us we're in for even more scandal. i also read lydia hurst filmed an episode. it sucks there's only 4 more episodes until the season's over. well all for now xoxo.



another beautiful day = another day in the park. i finished my book 21/bringing down the house, it was great. i had sweet potato fries and watched all the stupid dogs run around. i hope to get out of the city in the next few days, maybe start the fishing season but we'll see if the weather holds up. a little blur reference in the title today. i also bought the extended cut of empire records yesterday and i can't wait for it to come in the mail. watching csi miami has made we nostalgic for one of my fav. high school films. i think half the people in that movie have been on the show.

top: american apparel
tank: ya ya
shorts: cut off american eagle outfitters
moccasins: minnetonka
necklace: came with a zara t-shirt
sunglasses: roxy quicksilver, breakfast club


summer in the city

friday was amazing out, kevin and i spent the day in the park playing frisbee and reading our books. i even broke out the shorts for the first time this year. for the park i also wore my favourite moccasins. those who have been following this blog know i have an unhealthy obsession with them that i will probably pay for when i'm older for their lack of arch support. these are the first ones i got in banff. they are completely molded to my feet and i've loved them for at least three years. they have holes in the soles that i repeatedly patch with duct tape and i know i should just get a new pair because they still make these but i just can't give them up. later for work i changed into my modified skinny jeans and minnetonka moccs. these were bootcut jeans i made into skinnys one bored morning because i really wanted ripped skinny jeans. i also wore my one and only abercrombie clothing item. i'm not a huge fan of the store and i actually haven't shopped there since their opening weekend in canada when i got this sweater. i find the fit doesn't work for my body type.

hoodie: abercrombie
tank: alternative apparel
shorts: cut off american eagle
jeans: modified see thru soul
beaded moccasins: laurentian chief
loafer moccasins: minnetonka
necklace: h&m kids
purse: vintage, thrifted


so pretty

i think a lot of models are beautiful. i mean it is their job to be gorgeous and create an image that you want to replicate or are inspired by. i love kate, erin wasson, daria, freja, coco and heather marks. but lately there's been the girl from the armani ads who i think is just stunning. her name is shannan click and she's with women model management. here's a pic of her from their new blog, womenmanagement.blogspot.com. speaking of models i urge you all to check out coacd.blogspot.com for all the fresh faces.


these are a few of my favourite things

right now i'm looking outside at kevin making burgers and corn on the cob on the bbq. today it's currently 21C and i wish i didn't have to go to work in 1 hour. at least i spent the morning/early afternoon in the park reading bringing down the house/21 and enjoying the sunshine. it's making me want to take that road trip from vegas to san francisco more and more. maybe i could win at blackjack too? probably not. this is yesterday's outfit. i'm wore my new marc military inspired coat (love the star buttons), one of my favourite tee's and the best "a" pocket sevens. i love these jeans. i also had on my favourite egg toe vintage cowboy boots that i bought 31/2 years ago for 35$, all in all an outfit of pieces i can't get enough of. finally, my suede and faux shearling jacket was finally ready at the cleaners so here it is in all it's glory. i just hope there are a few more spring like days so i can get some use out of it. if it stays like today i won't get to wear it much until september.

jacket: marc by marc jacobs
tee: urban outfitters
jeans: seven for all mankind
boots: vintage
coat: vintage


asos dreaming

i was checking out asos.com and i saw some things i love. i don't think i'll order them though because i'm afraid when they get here they won't fit right. i find when shopping online it's always best to try and find the item in a store here and try it on first. unless, the site has easy returns or the item is really cheap. these things are not and the site is british so i'll just have to lust over everything from afar like pretty much everything on the topshop site. although i hear topshop is opening in october on broadway in nyc, so i think a trip will be in order.

tuesday's child

here's the outfit i wore yesterday. i made it shorts weather by adding the tights but maybe this weekend i wouldn't need them as it's suppose to go above 20c. well i'm off to brampton to meet up with my sister and also pick up her old car, yeah. but, first check out my sic leather moccs. yesterday, i could finally wear them even though i spent the whole day worried the super soft leather was going to rip on me. so far so good.

songs i've bought on itunes recently- wintersleep album (luv. weighty ghost), nine in the afternoon; panic at the disco, sweetest girl; wyclef, superstar; lupe fiasco, with you; chris brown
top: roots
shorts: urban outfitters
tights: h&m
moccasins: laurentian chief
scarf: vintage
necklace: h&m, luv your pets


sunday was my friend dave's birthday. we went to brunch to celebrate and i wore my newly made army coat. after work we headed over to dave's party and i wore kevin's old adidas shirt as a homage to dave. adidas is his favourite.

jacket: vintage
tee: marc jacobs
jeans: paper denim and cloth
earrings: dufferin mall
sneakers: nike court force
top: adidas, vintage