i love diy

lucky magazine this month features a selection of cool shopping websites (as well as cover girl and my fav. blake lively). one of the sites is www.day-lab.com. and they specialize in dead stock vintage items from the 70's and 80's with a big focus on jewelry. browsing the site i came across these sweetheart bracelets.i loved the idea of getting one with my boyfriend's name on it and since we've been together for a few years i didn't think it would scare him too much. they only have one of each name available so i was lucky to find one with his name on it. if you want one and your guys name is joel, terry or brad you're in luck as that's all that's left, otherwise you could always find a new guy. once i received it i found it still a little obsessive sitting on my wrist all alone so i decided to make some bracelets to wear with it. in this month's nylon they have a great bracelet diy so i went to the bead store and bought gold chain, lobster clasps, jump rings, string and cute beads. in under an hour i put four bracelets together and i think they look great layered with my sweetheart bangle. here's the instructions in case you want to make them too.

someone was nice this year... me

so as new years approaches i'm finally posting some picks of the lovely fashion related gifts i received this year for christmas. i must have been really good too because i got some great things. my sister wanted to make up for some not so exciting birthday and christmas gifts of years past when she was short on cash so she surprised me by saying i could pick out something extra special from holt renfrew this year. at first i thought i'd get a new marc bag but they didn't have the styles i liked in stock so instead i chose a new dressy winter coat. thanks to the killer sale they were having i was able to buy the one coat i've been lusting over all season, the buffalo plaid philip lim. i love it and i know it's a memorable piece but it's so me i don't care if it looks last season next year. i mean, who cares about that stuff anyway. while i was there i also picked up a twelve8twelve tee ( i heart sienna) and a suede clutch as a pressie to me from me. the clutch reminded me of those amazing suede miu miu bags from spring/ summer 07 that i love so much but can't afford. the colours are awesome and i can't get enough of the barb wire print, it's such a cool detail. my fella got me some great footwear this xmas. he added to my ever expanding moccasin collection with a pair of dusty brown minnetonka loafers ( i can't wait tell spring) and a pair of hunter wellies. now i will never wreck another pair of leather boots out in the rain and i can pretend i'm kate at the country estate. all in all i made out like a bandit and i hope you all did too. here's to a great 2000 and 8.

coat: philip lim
clutch: susan farber
moccasins: minnetonka
wellington boots: hunter


do the hustle

i was just going through iphoto and i came across a picture from my friend's parents wedding anniversary party. it was a 70's costume party and this is me and my fella decked out in full disco gear. funny enough the dress i'm wearing i actually bought on a thrifting trip back in high school and wore for the first time that night.

it's been a long time

i'm sorry i've deserted you all, i've been a busy elf these past few days but no more excuses. i can't wait to show you my great christmas gifts and boxing day sale purchases. today i wore a great cardigan i got at tnt blu yesterday for 50% off. i like tnt but it's so expensive that i really only shop there during their big promotions. speaking of which i need to hit the urban outfitters sales argh! if only i didn't have so much laundry to do tomorrow. i'm also typing on a new hyper speed mac as i got some ram for my girl. my guy bought himself mbox (protools music stuff) for christmas and it wouldn't run without leopard or tiger and i couldn't install leopard without more ram so now my laptop is so fast. i love it. i also just ordered the cutest things off the web tonight. hopefully they will turn out as cool as i think they will and i'll post them on here when they arrive, until then you'll just have to wait and see.

sweater: winners, adec2
t-shirt: urban outfitters
belt: vintage
jeans: lucky brand
earrings: h&m


let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

so winter is really here. unfortunately magazines like elle and nylon give you all these idealistic views on what winter fashion is. a few layers or a chunky cardigan may work in california but up here in canada it doesn't cut it. lately fashion has taken a backseat to keeping warm and dry in the city snow and slush. it may be too late, but i apologize for the lack of new outfits (ha ha). i'm not the only one who is going through this though, agathe at stylebytes.net posted a similar blog the other day, check it out here.while you're at it check out what's been outside my window since sunday morning, happy holidays.


i love dirty boys with no money

messing around, showing off my pjs and my pearly whites. those kinds of boys usually more irresistible aren't they.

top: urban outfitters

tie me up

i've been loving the t-shirt dress and tights look lately. it's a great way to show of coloured tights or accessories because they're such neutral backdrops. this one is a little more special because it has a bow tie and tiny gathers at the shoulder. still, it's easy dressing and great when you're feeling lazy in the morning. for me that's often as i'm not really a morning person.

dress: h&m
earrings: gypsy
tights: h&m
moccasins: laurentian chief

cheap tuesday

i was hanging out with my sister trying to pick out my christmas gift but i wasn't having too much success. the problem with only being able to get marc by marc jacobs at holt's is that the selection sucks. i saw a girl today buy 3 styles in one go, it's so picked over you can never find the style you like. i'm thinking i may have to change what i want and go with something different or wait until the spring lines come out. that would mean no present to unwrap on the 25th and that's half the fun. i'm wearing one of my favourite finds of the year in these pics, my oxfords. they're leather and nubuck and they have great detailing. plus, they're comfy and work with dressy and casual looks. best of all they were 39.99$. i was shocked when i saw the price tag and they were the only pair in the store. love it.

scarf: vintage
jacket: h&m
vest: cheap monday
tank: club monaco
jeans: frankie b
oxfords: winners, seychelles
bag: marc by marc jacobs

i want i love

i love whowhatweardaily.com. it was the first fashion blogsite i ever visited and it continues to be the first one i go to everyday. i only wish they posted more often. they always cover my favourite celebs, rachel b., sienna, kate and the gossip girls. today they ran this post on vanessa hudgens. i'm not a fan of her, in fact i'm indifferent to her as i've never seen anything she's done (i'm a little old for high school musical) but i do love this look. i love the top, the boots, the nail polish and especially the necklace. on top of that i love her look in the photo too, the chanel bag is killing me.
visit the site and see it for yourself, while you're at it check out their archives and enjoy the fashion. whowhatweardaily.com


my heart goes tick tock for u

another day of christmas shopping and this time i actually did some. i finished up my sister's gift, got somethings for my boyfriend, my secret santa for work, and of course a few things for me. it was a rainy day but i walked all around the downtown core and got a lot done so i felt accomplished by the end of it. then i got home and cooked some filet mignon steaks my mom gave me with mashed potato and fresh carrot and green beans, yum it was so good! i'm wearing my favourite marc heart watch and my new marc by marc jacobs sunglasses. i just got them from shopbop and i'm not quite sure if i love them. they're so big and dark, i'm not used to them but they'd be great hangover glasses.

glasses: marc by marc jacobs
scarf: h&m
sweater: club monaco
tank: american apparel
jeans: earnest sewn, harlen
boots: sorrel
watch necklace: marc by marc jacobs
ring: h&m

christmas, christmas time is here

it's that time of year again, time to go to the tree farm and pick out a christmas tree. i've always had a real tree and ever since i moved out three years ago my parents, my boyfriend and i go to get our trees together. basically my mom and i spend 20min trying to find the perfect tree while my dad and boy stand there holding the saw, waiting. like the griswalds in christmas vacation we look for the tree with the beam of light focused on it, saying "i'm the one". after we cut it down we all pile back in the tractor to pay and then head home to decorate our picks. it's been pretty snowy and cold this winter so we had to bundle up and i wore my toasty sorrel boots. when i saw these i had to have them they are so cute and bonus i saw alexis wear them as rory on gilmore girls last season. it's like seeing something you have on gossip girl now, very validating. check out the trimmed tree in the last pick, all lite up and ready for presents to go underneath it.

hat: h&m
earrings: gypsy
jacket: urban outfitters
jeans: rock and republic
socks: marks work warehouse
boots: sorrel


afternoon in paris

i love topshop but until they open one up here in canada i won't be shopping there, although i here a shop in new york isn't far off. the uk pound is just too strong to make getting the clothes online worth it so instead i can put topshop outfits together on polyvore.com. here's a look inspired by paris and how those french girls look so effortless. i'm channeling lou doillon.

purple pancake eater

when i was suppose to be christmas shopping the other day i found these great jeans. i've been trying to get coloured jeans for a while but i didn't want to spend a lot of money. i figured the look was pretty trendy so i didn't want to make a big investment. all the cheaper ones i found didn't fit right on me and i put off the idea of ever getting a pair. then i walked into this store jacflash and there on their 50% off rack was a single pair of purple jeans, in my size! it was a sign that they had to be mine. after much debate on whether to get them or a 30% burgundy pair that was a little more subtle. i decided to go with my gut and get the bright purple. now i have a great quality, great fitting pair of coloured jeans for a great price, i love when that happens. i wore this outfit to breakfast, my favourite meal to go out for. there's nothing i like more then a mitzi's pancake or french toast in the early afternoon.

scarf: vintage
tank: american apparel
sweater: aritzia
jeans: denin of virtue
boots: ebay, vintage guess
ring: h&m
earrings: gypsy

afternoon delight

the light around 3pm is so pretty right now. it bounces of the snow outside and brightly bursts through the windows. it makes you think just for a second you could wear an outfit like this outside without a parka. this top is actually a diy. i saw this cool beaded shirt at french connection and thought i could make that. so i got this less expensive tunic version and sewed on the black beads at the collar. it was easy and the beads were under 5$ so i made the top for 20$ less then the original. this top can also be worn on it's own with tights as a dress so it's even more versatile. with it i'm wearing one of my favourite pairs of jeans that i've had for 3 years. i have a lot of jeans so i rotate them and i can have a pair forever and they still look brand new. i'd wear these more if i got them hemmed but i still haven't got around to it, if only i was 5f8". these moccasins are really slippers and i don't wear them too much outside the house but they looked cute with the outfit so i left them on for this shot.

tank: american apparel
top: wilfred aritzia, diy beads
jeans: seven "a" pockets
shoes: moccasins, winners

i love u elephants (tons)

a simple work look with my trusty white adidas. i'm wearing three of my favourite silver pieces. my hoops from gypsy, my vintage elephant charm and my new fake heart ring. i love how big each piece is, they make a strong statement. the elephant is so heavy that it would break through the fabric chains i had it on until i made this metal one. the first time i wore it to work i lost it and thought it was gone forever luckily i found it under a cabinet at the end of my shift. i bought it at the christie antique show. every summer there are monthly antique shows around ontario and my mom and i go to a couple each season. christie is the largest to we usually hit it at least once. my favourite things are the clothes and jewelry and even though there aren't too many stalls that sell those things at the show you can usually find a few things. either way it's a nice way to spend the day and i get to hang out with my mom. my purple nails are so cute, bright colours can be an accessory unto itself. by the way, the i love u elephants term is one i use with my fella, instead of saying i love you tons because elephants weigh tons.
headband: h&m
scarf: vintage
tee: american apparel 50/50
jeans: j brand lovestory
shoes: adidas shelltoes
ring: h&m
earrings: gypsy
nail polish: nyc color