scandinavian style

this look is head to toe perfection. i love me some scandinavian blog action. the girls out there are the true fashion blog pioneers. i owe true north style to agathe of the much loved, much missed style bytes, she was my inspiration.
a little shout out to some of my favourites, caroline, carolina, emma, elin (the gorgeous blond above), columbine and the ladies of anywho.
xxx my lovelies.

doctor doctor

sometimes one forgets, with all the history and glamour behind chanel, that king karl also infuses a lot of humor into the brand. this bracelet really captures the idea of fashion as an addiction, not to mention the sometimes crazy lifestyles of the girls who worship the brand. xxc.



i've always been a huge fan of kristen's style. it's never too polished and she's not afraid to have fun with fashion. i absolutely love this outfit even though it's a bit off looking, especially in some of the other photos from the event. still, there's something beautiful about the soft draping, floral print, her messy curls and the coral lip.


gossamer confection

too perfect. she looks like a dream.
|at the elle style awards in lacroix|


i know we've seen it all before but....

my two favourite miu miu prints | cats and dogs.
i wish more of the dog print was actually available in stores.
little jack russels are just to sweet.
but, they are impossible to find so it looks like it will have to be the cats for me.

wild heart

barbara palvin shot by paul schmidt
src. lesfemmes




gypsies, tramps and thieves

i am so drawn to this gypsy/bohemian vibe in editorials. i came across this one featuring the lovely ruby aldridge from a french magazine. i'm not sure when or where it's from but the styling and clothing are really timeless. it's so much more about the emotion/vibe the clothes give then the trends they may or may not be following. gorgeous.



vintage everything + the ugliest kitchen cabinets ever. this sweater is suppose to be a lot more cropped but it stretched out when i hand washed it. still, you get the idea i was trying to achieve with the layers. i love these mini cowboy boots. sometimes you can find the greatest things for 15$.
speaking of 15$ scores, i got an over-sized levis denim jacket thrifting today and i want to make it softer and more worn in, any tips besides wear it a lot, lol??
+++ if there's any life unexpected fans out there go here to vote to keep them from getting canceled. save lux!

rachel hearts aritzia

miss bilson in la. she's wearing an aritzia cardi and those amazing j brand cargos. i was at aritzia yesterday and i saw these pants there. i was so tempted to try them on, but the jeans i was wearing were so tight on the calf that they're a pain to pull off so i didn't want to go through the effort, lol. ***side note, that is the great thing about "jeggings" they give you that really tight look, but with comfort and ease. next time i'll see if they look close to as nice on me as they do on rachel. p.s. i love how being with hayden has given her a bit of a canadiana twist to her california style....


i heart vintage tees

i had a request to explain how i find all my vintage tees, so i decided to make a video to show you guys my vintage tee collection and give you some shopping tips. i know the quality isn't as good as my recent videos but i just shot this quickly on my macbook, i promise to go back to my flip camera for the next one. i also have a new tee to add to the drawer, i bought a vintage heart tour shirt on ebay yesterday, yeah! i love heart.
***quick question to you all, do you think this is worth the money?? i love the print but i'm unsure of the fact that it's so thin. i would like to use it as a clutch but i wouldn't be able to put anything but cash and cards in it. sigh, miu miu...

a little heart for a tuesday evening...