happy b-day to me + youtube action

it's my birthday today! even though getting another year older has lost some of it's appeal, lol. i can't wait to share with you what i picked for my gift this year, such a dream. to everyone else sharing my birthday, including the lovely rachel bilson, i hope this year brings you luck, love and adventure!
below are my most recent youtube videos if you guys want to take a peek.


forever in love

shocked at how amazing these are... shocked.
the forever 21 miu miu inspired polka dot maryjanes,
comfy, gorgeous and unbelievably inexpensive.
*** a note on the fit, they run big, i'm normally a 81/2 or a 9 and the size 8 fit perfectly. they don't rub and they also come in solid black.
you need these shoes


lake muskoka 2010

a quick post from starbucks...
just finished one perfect week cottaging and about to start another.
i will miss the lake muskoka crew!
these are some picks of me hanging out on mikey's boat with my guy. plus, i had to shout out to darryl for jumping off that cliff like the snowboarder he is.
the suit is victoria's secret and the boy's and mine shades are spy, thanks d!
thanks for the comments guys! i'll get back to you all next week xxxc.


alley cat

i've been wanting to try the dressed up sweats trend for some time, but i never had the right pair of pants for it. finally, after some inspiration from topshop and dajana from le flassh, i picked up this pair. so comfortable and i really love the laid back but still stylish vibe.
sweater: urban outfitters guys, pants: topshop, heels: town shoes nine west, necklace: h&m


what you gonna do?

i love getting fashion inspiration from movies, especially those from the the 80's and 90's. 1994's bad boys is one of my very favourites. not only is it a fabulous action/buddy flick, but tea leoni steals the spotlight with her drool worthy wardrobe. so watch it for the hilarity of mark lowery/will smith and marcus burnett/martin lawerence's relationship, the shirtless running scene, fast cars, miami backdrop and the micheal bay action sequences, but take some queues from julie mott's fashion choices.
the first scene we see her in is when she shows up to party with her roommate max at the al capone suite. she's dressed in a loose sheer tunic unbutton from the waist down worn over a pair of bike shorts, something that is actually kind of current. she tops it with a buttoned up vest, ankle wrap stilettos and tons of silver jewelry. with rings on every finger, chunky bangles and that infamous black and silver choker, julie shows a little of her tough attitude through her wardrobe.
look 2 takes us to julie's apartment. here she wears a 90's staple, the long striped body con. cut just below the knee, slit at one side and worn with khaki combats, julie's ready to run from the drug lords. i love the striped ribbed material and the fitted, but not skin tight shape.
Julie changes into a fun clubbing outfit in look three. the tiniest flippy mini that bustles in the back, a white ribbed tee, long black leather vest with scalloped edging and high heeled clogs. you could step out in that whole look today and look totally current.
finally for the big take down, we see julie in another flippy mini, this time it's khaki and high waisted with a tiny pleat detail. paired with another white tee, suspenders and her khaki combats she's ready to kick some butt with the boys.
beauty wise julie keeps it simple with a jagged black bob, a little eyeliner and red stained lips, her natural beauty always comes through.
epic wardrobe and a favourite film, watch it today.


polka dot passion

i've become newly obsessed with this thrifted blouse. i bought it 3 years ago and never wore it, but now i never want to take it off. wearing it with two new vintage favs, an awesome pair of cognac brown oxford boots from 69vintage and a metal and rhinestone eagle ring from the 40's i found on ebay. hair flip.
top: thrifted/vintage, shoes/ring and bag pin: vintage, jeans: urban outfitters, bag: pendleton



what i wear when the summer is raging, the ac is blasting and i'm home dancing with myself.
cut offs, a sweatshirt and bare feet.
sweater and jeans: vintage


tna - you ate my heart.

the tna lookbook is back, once again featuring the lovely rachel ballinger. so many great pieces from our favourite canadian store. all shot in the way i wish my blog pictures could always be, intimate, captivating and full of fun.
on my list: the chunky cardi, blue sweatshirt pullover, striped sweater and toque, ankle zip cargos, varsity love, perfect cable knit and...yes... a wolf cardigan.


summer rains

this is an outfit from earlier this summer. i wore my little booties so i could stomp through the rain puddles. that's why the first picture is a bit grainy, it was a bit overcast. i love wearing this flippy skirt, it took me so long to find one that wasn't either 1) excessively expensive or 2) obscenely short, paired with my favourite phillip lim tee and a metal detailed belt it's love. i've been wearing my pendleton bags non-stop lately. this bright teal one is perfect for summer. they are so versatile and inexpensive so you don't have to worry about slinging them around in the park. you can buy them on the pendleton site or on urban outtfiters' website, but i got mine on ebay. i added this great metal bird pin that i found antiquing this may with my mom to give it a bit of a miu miu vibe.
top: phillip lim, skirt: h&m, belt: zara, pin and boots: vintage, bag: pendleton


sincerely jules

after following fashion blogs for over four years it's always great to come across a new blog that really inspires. lately i've discovered a few and i want to share them with you lovelies. the first one is sincerely jules. run by julie from california it features julie's personal looks & inspirations, as well as shoots she's styled. a truly gorgeous girl who mixes vintage pieces with flowy blouses and great basics. plus, how amazing is her hair, total envy. she wears a lot of great saturated colours, amazing shoes and accessories.these are a few of my favourite looks she's done recently. check out her blog!