new kate

kate wearing balmian booties and an alaia belt tht's to die for, uggs and her new longchamp bag, superfines and chanel sunnies that i own and must own respectively.

ladies who lunch

alexa at chanel
wearing chanel, miu miu chanel clogs and bright bright nails.
more and more i want to lighten the tips of my hair, next hair cut i think i'm taking the plunge.


nails nails nails

nail polish | one of my favourite accessories.
it's clear that in the last few seasons chanel has lead the way in colour trends creating the much hyped and coveted jade of fw09 and the sure to be a sensation, taupe particuliere of ss10.
i wanted to share with you all the polishes that i love to wear so i did a little vlog on my nail polish collection and what colours/trends i'm loving at the moment.
i shot this video on my new camera so you can even watch it in hd if you are so inclined.


sweat it o u t

i love the look of an oversized grey sweatshirt, faded and soft from wear.
throw it over some skinnies or leggings the perfect slumming afternoon/road trip wear.
i picked up this eagle em-blazed winner today at sub rosa vintage. in love.


smile like you mean it

happy ♥

leather lady

leather lovely.

b a n a n a s

these next few shots are all single posts.
amazing outfits that kate's been wearing over these last few months.
showing that at 36 she's still got it.
love you so much mossy.

at attention

a retro look
so good i had to give it a post of its own.
so classic, a look to love always.
nothing better then a military coat.


kate's collection of coats is unrivaled.
they make every outfit.
i believe i've posted the top picture before but it's one of my favourite kate pictures ever. the hair and the boots are perfection and i actually own that vintage purse.
i also have that jacket in the third picture...


she also does short incredibly well.
3 retro favourites,
love the aviators.

long and lean

covered up sexy.
kate and the olsens do this look so well.
fresh, even though these are years old.

mossy moccasins

three incredible looks wearing one
perfect pair of shoes.
love the cozy layers in the top shot
and the hair.

all i want is u

kate and jamie.
one of my all time favourite couples.

hey shorty it's your birthday.

shocking! i missed kate's birthday shout out yesterday. my lovely mossy is 36!
i dedicated this days posting to you.


belated christmas haulage

a little vlog, showing you what i got from santa and what i'm obsessing about lately.

look out for some more videos up in the next week.
good night lovelies xx


first buy of 2010

mulberry ♥
i just made the alexa leopard wallet mine.
of course i want an alexa bag as well but i'm unsure about whether to get the regular or oversized. the oversized is already sold out too, so i plan on waiting a while until the stock is replenished and i can see the bag on some people. i had to get the wallet right away though. i love the print and the coin pouch, it's perfect.


happy ending

mossy in london.
i love the balmain pants, even if she doesn't bother to zip hers up.
the front zippers at the ankle are too great, something different. an accessible denim company needs to do this so i can actually afford a pair. she's also sporting a mulberry bayswater clutch. another reason to love her, i'm hoping to add two new items to my mulberry collection in the next little while but we'll see how it goes. happy thursday everyone! my washing machine is getting fixed today so i can finally deal with my clutter disaster this weekend.
src. tfs


from her pre-alfie days.
vintage sienna at her best.
check out my tumblr for tons of new posts.
btw, does you mood get influenced by your surroundings? my washing machine is broken, dirty clothes are everywhere. everything is thus unorganized because why keep things neat when so many things are missing from where they belong. plus, it's cold and miserable out. all i want to do is lay in bed, brian wilson styles and lose myself in criminal minds. is anyone else into this show?



i know i've posted the last photo from this editorial before but i love it so much that when i found more of it i wanted to post them all in their entirety. i love all the layering, the mix of grungy street fashion with luxury pieces, the bohemian elements and the fantastic accessories. i adore every look. i'm also well aware of my lack of posting. this will be remedied soon. i have two vlogs to shoot as well. everything should be back to posting normality by this weekend.
australian harpers bazaar, model aurelia gliwski