crowning glory

this is an outfit of almost all discount finds. there's a thrift store cashmere blend sweater, a h&m tank, holt's outlet jeans and ebay vintage shoes. in fact the only splurge is my faux leather headband. which i think is very crown like in a grecian hippie way. i love it so much that even though it was pricey for a headband i had to have it. the tank is another example of the calico floral trend i'm really into right now. i think with looking back at the early nineties liberty prints just seem fresh again, especially since i was pretty young then and never truly got to embrace them. this was also the day my car finally lost it and tomorrow i'm hitting the mechanic again to see if there's any hope. the bright side is i may be receiving my sister's car whether mine is dead or not and it will be nice driving something that was created in this millennium. oh, one funny tidbit. these jeans are pretty old, in fact they may be the first pair of premium denims i ever bought. they're super worn in and comfy but because of this i'm always paranoid that they're going to tear at the absolutely wrong moment. still, i can't get rid of them, they were the jeans i was wearing on the first date with my boyfriend.

headband: urban outfitters
sweater: zara, thrifted
tank: h&m
jeans: juicy couture
booties: vintage, ebay

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