hey angela who's the boss?

i've been obsessed with trying to find a "the boss" mug ever since i saw this photo spread in nylon a while back. not so much because i feel i'm the boss but more so because i love the boss, aka bruce springsteen. i scoured thrift stores to no avail and i thought i would never find one. then i saw these mugs at starbucks, heart heart, that come with pens so you can customize them. the proportions of the mug were just like the one in the pic and i knew i'd have my boss mug at last. even though my penmanship is notoriously shaky, ist year graphic design class can attest to that, i think it looks pretty similar. i also wrote some blind melon lyrics on the back, " i just want someone to say to me i'll always be there when you wake". i may not get to see my boyfriend every morning but i do get to see my coffee so i thought it was appropriate.

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