my name isn't $%*! warren!

after 2 hours wrapped up in the world of empire records, chasing shopliffers, glueing down quarters and damning the man i was left with a bittersweet feeling. thinking back to when i first saw the film in 8th grade with so much teen angst and hope for the future. i would have never guessed that such a cool record store would have probably succomb to the lack a record sales and closed down today. i wouldn't think that out of university i would still be trying to figure out what i want to do with my life so i could move on from the monotony of waiting tables. i can empathize with aj and how he's been at empire for 5 years but really just wants to move on and go to art school. how do you leave a place where all your friends work and where you feel so comfortable? who new a mid 90's teen flick would lead to such heavy thinking? as for the clothes, the movie takes place in one day so there isn't too much to look at but i do love aj's grungy sweater and corey's mini kilt with hiking boots. it also reminded me the in the mid nineties girls showed midriff but only at the waist so they didn't have awful muffin top fat sticking out unlike the britney low rise midriff of the new millennium. girls always balanced their floaty a line mini's with slightly looser "this thing from off my floor" tops. it was easy, not trying hard, i just put this together dressing. very inspiring. i also loved seeing all my teen crushes, especially a young rory cochrene as lucas. as well as, the delightful liv tyler in her prime and renee z. in a role you actually enjoy watching her in, she's great as gina. if you haven't seen the film since high school get the new extended dvd and fall in love with the crew of empire and the fabulous soundtrack all over again. remember when the man get you down, lucas puts it best, "in this life, there are nothing but possibilities."

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