aa love

the lovely lisa over at american apparel's daily update blog expressed some interest in my diy studded cardigan. she asked me to post an entry about it on their blog. it's so flattering to have people comment on my style and if you want to check out the post head over to the daily update here.

Everyone loves their American Apparel jersey items, the deep v, the pe tank, the cardigan.... I myself have the deep v tee in numerous sizes and colors to go with different kinds of outfits. But how does one get their piece to stand out in a sea of grey tri blend jersey? I did it by studding out my jersey cardigan with simple gold pyramid studs. All you have to do is find some prong backed studs that aren't too heavy. I got mine at a bead/vintage store for 10 cents each. Then just decide on what look your going for and begin sticking in the studs and pressing down the backs. It's that easy. Just make sure that the studs are secure so you can wash your item, inside out of course. Your finished product is a little rock and roll, a little more flashy and sure to make all the hipsters jealous. Check out me in my customized cardigan on my blog true north style here.

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