ebay knock out

i'm ebay hunting right now and yesterday i had three auctions going when i left for work. leaving potentioally winning bids and then seeing what happens is just as exciting as bidding at the very end of an auction. as long as it's not for an item you can't live without because you usually end up losing. when i got home and anxiously checked ebay i saw i won one of the auctions and it was the item i thought for sure i wouldn't get. i've been lusting for this skirt ever since i saw these topshop ads. i know it is a knock off of a miu miu dress but i like the way topshop styled their version as it really shows its classic nautical vibe and the skirt's versitility. so now i just sit and wait for my lovely stripey skirt to arrive to spend the summer with me. i heart ebay.i just hope i'm as lucky as this with my other auctions coming up because there are some goodies. 

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