get into the groove

i love h&m's organic line. they use great colors and create garments with interesting shapes. it's so hard to find nice looking organic items at a regular price point so i applaud them for their efforts. this pink top is from the line and i love the pocket detail and the tone of the pink, it's very retro. plus, when you go up a size you don't have to worry about shrinkage and you get that slouchy, expensive fit. I went out for lunch in the shorts outfit and had amazing french toast with real ontario strawberries, first of the season! for work i decided to through on some jeans as it was a little chilly and i can't wear sandels so my trusty moccs subbed in. unfortunately, i wore them last night too and there was a huge storm and now they are sitting stuffed with paper towels in an attempt to hopefully dry them out. this jacket has a cute story. i fell in love with the fabric so i bought it at a thrift store even though it was gigantic. i had to take in the sleeves, armholes, side seams and length, basically take the thing apart to get it to fit. i think it looks pretty good considering i didn't put my best sewing skills into it, sometimes i'm impatient.

top: h&m
shorts: vince
jeans: levis
moccasins: minnetonka
jewery: vintage, diy
gladiators: vintage, ebay
headband: forever 21
bag: tylie malibu
jacket: thrifted, diy

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