handbag wishlist

i'm obsessed with mulberry right now. i've been trying to track down some bags but holts no longer carries them and that is where i got my mulberry brooke. so all that leaves is the mulberry website and ebay. i refuse to buy a bag on ebay because i got a mulberry wallet on it the other week and it was a fake! i couldn't even leave bad feedback because the seller is no longer registered. the good thing was i didn't spend too much on it. the mulberry site has the bags i want but they are in pounds and super pricy. i here that they have great sales but only twice a year so maybe i'll have to wait until then or until i make it to the states again. i love the classic bayswater and the fold over jody in the larger size. but the one i really want is the roxanne. i think it's a little of alexa chung's influence because she has the best mulberry collection fueling my already huge love of the brand. it's so british and it has an understated coolness because of the lack of logos. while at holts today trying to track down bags i also fell for the new calista bag by jill stuart in the florecent yellow. i love the chain details on it and the square closures. it also wasn't too expensive. i considered just getting it but then i saw the amazing sale items upstairs and bought the yves twenty8twelve leather jacket in black i've wanted for months at over half off. it's the most amazing jacket and now i can finally end my search for a bikerstyle leather coat.

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