shopping with wolves

i'm obsessed with this canvas skirt. i love the stiffness of it and the way it can be dressed up or down. i actually thinking i may get it in black too.  i mean look how different the same top i sported the other day looks tucked into it, very nice. I had to lung around a portfolio today so i got to wear my wolfy bag. it's the perfect size for large papers and i wish i had it in university as it would have made carrying art pads and giant rulers on the go train much easier. it's also great for grocery shopping. you can get them online but i found mine in the market. it's a little hipster, i know, but it's also very canadiana so that overrules the williamsburg undertones. i spent the day out and about doing some h&m shopping, researching phones and winning baseball games. in fact, today i even participated in two plays and got people out, yes. it's got to be the new cleats, they're pink. 

jacket: vintage, fame wear
top: urban outfitters
bandeau: artizia
belt: urban outfitters
skirt: urban outfitters
boots: frye
purse: tylie malibu
wolf bag: some store in kensington market
jewlery: luv your pets, vintage, frug
sunglasses: vintage rayban wayfarer 2

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