starry eyed

another auction ended and another had to have it piece bought. i've always been a star girl. a few years ago i'd buy anything with star details, clothes, home decor, anything. i even got a star tattoo back in 2003, it's pink and on my foot. so when i saw this pic of alexa chung rocking this amazing star dress i loved it. not only was it an affordable version of the amazing chanel pieces karl had just done but it was probably the outfit that launched alexa into a fashion it girl. the piece was from topshop so i didn't think i'd have much luck getting it, but there it was on ebay and today it is mine. i'm not sure if the piece i won is the exact cut of alexa's because mine is a tunic and not a dress, but it's the same fabric. so now there's only one auction left and it's for the best piece so hopefully my luck will continue.

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