the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes

another sizzling day comes to an end with fat raindrops and rolling thunder. it was a scorcher today so i went for a breezy dress once again. this is a little calico number with lace cutouts. sometimes you find gems on the urban outfitters sale rack. i never even saw this dress on the shop floor but one day while pursuing the sales section there it was, the only one and in my size. i love the purple and yellow colour way and today i paired it with a floral cardi to make it work appropriate even though i was so hot! i love how the rosebuds on the sweater blended with the dress fabric.  it was almost as if the cardigan was another panel of fabric making up the dress. i normally would have worn this with my suede t-strap flats or my gladiators but i had to work so instead, my heart print keds came out of their winter hibernation. if i had remembered them i might have worn them yesterday too with my polka dot high waisted skirt and new urban yorkie tee but sometimes i forget what i have when things get tucked away. i wish i took photos of yesterday's look but i was a little late starting my day and i was too hot and sticky to care when i got home. i'm sure i'll wear it again if i can get the red wine stain out of my top.  one thing working at an italian restaurant has taught me is how to get wine and olive oil out of anything.

dress: urban outfitters
cardigan: american eagle
shoes: keds
earrings: frug

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Ann said...

I like the outfit with these Keds...i am really hard looking for them, but they are sold out everywhere. Where did you get yours? Would you sell them? Please let me know, thanks