ash and mary-lynette

it's hard to find variations of the classic plaid button down that don't look contrived or trendy. this top has the plaid but it's the subtle details that make it work. the thinner material allows it to float away from the body, the button placket still shows the neckline and skin in a subtle way and the overall shape of the garment accentuates the female form but doesn't shove it in your face.

as a sidenote in case i have some younger readers out there. i wanted to let you know that my favourite author in high school l.j. smith is having all her books re-released right now. i was in chapters yesterday and there they were, i was so excited even though i still have them all. i think the power of the twilight series of books made it happen because her books are very similar but they were written in the late 90's. my favourite was the secret circle series.

shirt: vintage
jeans: modified see thru soul
shoes: minnetonka
headband: forever 21


Stephanie said...

hey Cindy- amazing headband- it looks great on you! If you haven't already you should check out this website: plumashop.com the girls were featured in the August Nylon. They make beautiful feathered headbands, a bit pricey if you aren't sure how such a style would look on you, but since you can clearly rock that kind of thing, maybe you'll want to splurge!

Cindy said...

funny you mentioned that, i'm posting a recap of the nylon denim issue as soon as i'm caught up on these daily outfit posts. i must say the issue didn't thrill me (and i love nylon!) and the mischa article didn't exactly make me love the girl but more on that in the post.