manic monday

monday was crazy.... work was so busy and i spent the whole day frantic, running around wishing it to be over. those days are the worst but at least it only happens a few times a year or else i'd probably have grey hair or something. one of my co-workers asked me how my day was going and when i responded with a look of half desperation/half exhaustion they said i least i was wearing a cute outfit. i do like this look a lot, the skirt was a good purchase. i often pick items that end up on sales racks and i wonder if i am just more fashion aware then most and pick the riskier items or if i just have an affinity for duds. i don't know but this skirt was on the h&m sales rack and i think it deserved to be a sell out. it's a fitted mini with a ruffle hem, high waist, pockets and a cute ditzy floral print. the colour palette is both summer and winter appropriate. i think it's very kate moss too and for some reason i feel she would wear it. i paired it with another sale find, a ribbed navy tee and my corset belt. 


tee: urban outfitters
skirt: h&m
shoes: minnetonka
belt: urban outfitters
ring: in god we trust
bangles: vintage
necklace: vintage, frug, love your pets

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