the owls are not what they seem

i've been watching season 2 of twin peaks and i adore the show's atmosphere and style. fashion wise it's all about great knits, lots and lots of knits,fifties/nineties influences, plaids, saddle shoes, bright lips, blown out wavy hair and rich autumn colours. everything plays off the woods and northern environment and seductive film noir with a focus on strong images. the women are all gorgeous with donna/ lara flynn boyle, laura&maddy/sheryl lee, shelly/madchen amick, audrey/sherilyn fenn and norma, who is played by peggy lipton from the mod squad. there is even the small part of annie played by a young heather graham. my favourite fashion piece in the episodes i watched is laura's sunglasses and you can see them on maddy below. they really encompass the film noir vibe of the show. the show is fantastic and although it gets a little weird at the end of the series and ends with a lot of questions it remains a part of my childhood. i remember watching it with my mom and sister, staying up late and being terrified by bob, hell he still scares the crap out of me.

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