que sera sera

sometimes you go into a store for no reason at all and it's a shop that you normally always pass by. it's on those occasions that you can find a surprise, an amazing piece that you've been looking for. the other day while in the mall this happened to me. i went into bluenotes, a store i haven't shopped at since high school and there was this adorable tee. now i don't usually support knock offs but it was just so perfect and i haven't been able to find the sass and bide original in any shops here. i've wanted this tee ever since i saw alexa chung in it and i even included it in my three hearts polyvore set. funny enough as i reached for my usual medium that normally gives my tees the right amount of slouch i saw that medium at bootlegger is like small or x-small. the x-small tee looked like it was for a small child and in the end i bought an x-large just in case there is shrinking when i wash it. alexa's is still nicer as you can tell the material is quality and the cut is more interesting but we can't always get what we want. i am compiling all my favourite alexa outfits from the past little while and i'm going to post them soon but right now i'm done my eggos and i got to hit the showers. have a great saturday everyone.

*pics of alexa from fashion spot

top: bluenotes
skirt: american apparel
shoes: h&m (they drove me crazy as they never stayed on and i threw them out)
belt: h&m
braclet: claires


stephanie said...

I really like your blog- I like how it's this story of your intrinsic ability to put together vintage finds- which i REALLY admire as i love vintage and thrift shops but find I don't have as good an eye for things as I would like to have. So, I check your blog regularly to see what you've come up with.

Also, given your stylista muse- Alexa- I wanted to tell you that I just wrote a chart for the October issue of ELLE Canada on the six global style cities and Alexa is the featured London it-girl: so maybe you'll wanna check it out!

Cindy said...

i will check it out and thanks for the nice words stephanie. i think the key to finding good vintage and thrift stuff is going alot and trying on a lot clothes and giving yourself a lot of time when you're shopping. even doing that there are lots of time when i come home empty handed. but there's always the next time. i very often spend two hours at value village and buy two things, usually just more plaid shirts. side note i love elle, great mag.