tall drink

sometimes you find something at a thrift store and it's like it was made for you. when i tried on these vintage high waisted "risque" brand jeans they fit like second skin. it's so hard to find jeans like that already broken in that fit like you were the one who always owned them. i also found an amazing vintage givenchy pink blazer that i hope to sell on ebay once i get all my photos together, that is unless i decide to keep it. i wore my new jeans yesterday with my favourite aa tank that i have in grey, blue, green and the newly released brown. a long with one of my fav purses, if only it was bigger. i just wish these jeans were longer so i could wear them with chunky wood heels. instead i been wearing flip flops a lot this week because it's so hot and if ashley olsen still rocks them they can't be all bad. otherwise i would have went with moccasins with this look.

top: american apparel
jeans: thrifted vintage risque
bag: vintage minnetonka
flip flops: havianas
belt: urban outfitters


Anonymous said...

i have a question,
when you say "thrifted" does it mean you went to like salvation army and other second hand places like that?

Cindy said...

exactly, i love vintage stores but you find real bargains sifting through the mounds of junk at thrift stores. i go to used chain clothing stores like goodwill, value village and the sal. army. if i just write vintage then that's usually from a vintage shop or vintage ebay store.