things i'm looking for and into right now.

  1.  tie dye bottoms= skirts, pants, shorts and bags (i heart miu miu)
  2. high waist skirts especially with cumber-bums type belts built in
  3. studded things, especially moccasins, sweaters, bags and boots a la d.s.susan
  4. ditsy 90's florals on dresses, shoes and skirts
  5. navaho blankets and square patchwork quilts for home
  6. exposed zips especially zip up shoes like at alexander wang fall 08
  7. studded platforms and flats a la etro spring 08
  8. stiletto heeled granny boots/ankle boots a la desperately seeking susan
  9. karen walker band jacket
  10. loose 3/4 sleeve lace dress
  11. vena cava leather coat and studded cardigan set
  12. vintage lingerie
  13. heart stockings, textured knee highs, cool socks
  14. ysl loafers in black or navy
  15. nautical 
  16. ruby rings
  17. beaded indian necklaces
  18. socks over jeans tucked into boots
  19. cuffed baggy jeans tucked into boots or with heels, or baggy ripped shorts
  20. thermals under plaid shirts and tees
  21. animal pics on sweaters
  22. hot labels: found denim, lyell, current/elliot, mulberry
  23. fringe especially suede and leather
  24. dirty black denim


Anonymous said...

whoa, that's an impressive list!


Cindy said...

i think it's important to set big goals ;)