keep your hands in the vehicle at all times

on wednesday i couldn't contain myself and i just had to check out the new things at the gap. i wanted to see if the p.robinson hype was worth it so i went shopping. since, i wasn't suppose to be buying things i thought at least i would wear something cute and maybe it would make me feel better about my complete lack of willpower. speaking of which, i'm eating the biggest piece of baskin robbins birthday cake as i write this, so much for getting in better shape. anyways, i wore my new see by chloe tank that i got on sale at holt's. i love the neon yellow and the little men on it. i bought this as a replacement for the sass and bide que sera tee i wanted but couldn't track down. i also took out my marc bag and have been carrying it for the last few days. i've been neglecting it and my birthday always reminds me of it because that's when i got it two years ago as a present.

top: see by chloe
shirt: aritzia, talula
bag: marc by marc jacobs
leather moccs: laurentian chief


Miranda said...

such a nice bag!

Cindy said...

my first love and starter of my expensive handbag obsession.