rebecca minkoff

i love rebecca minkoff bags and i've been lusting over them for some time now, ever since the morning after bag made it's mark. when i went to nyc it was between a large morning after and my tylie for my big bag purchase. i chose the tylie malibu because i loved it's slouchiness and versatility but i still wished i could have had both. now with another trip around the corner and some minkoff sales on the net i'm thinking about adding a new bag to the collection. but which one? i think a morning after mini in blue or grey, any suggestions?


jery said...

i love the morning after mini in purple!!!!! gray is really cute too!

Stephanie said...

Morning after is a great name for a purse! I really like the black one, but I think to complement your style you should definitely consider the gray, or even the blue.

Cindy said...

yeah i think gray is the way i'm leaning. i just saw the best minkoff wallet too. i will have to get something by her soon.