the zipper boots part 1

so these are the zip up plaid ankle boots that i bought at aldo the other day. i was unsure about them from the start. the patent is very shiny, the heels very high and the fit not very comfortable. but, i do love the zippers and i feel the plaid tones down the stripper heel factor in them. i've been debating returning them since i got them and then yesterday at holt's last call i fell hard for a pair of sigerson morrison ankle boots. so comfortable and pretty plus, at an additional 30% off i had to get them. they're buttery soft black leather, with a slightly pointed toe and completely wearable dressed up or down. thus, it means these are going back to aldo but, i still want to know what do you all think of them?


Miranda said...

i think they are super super cute! but i will agree that the heel is rather high.

Delinasaurus said...

They look so cute with the burgundy textured tights! But, I do know how you feel about shinny patent leather!

I'd love to see them Blair style with a pleated mini and preppy top.

Stephanie said...

You can definitely pull them off! Great job pairing them with the opaque burgundy tights.btw- I find Aldo shoes notoriously uncomfortable. For that reason alone i stopped buying my footwear there. Zara has the same trends in footwear and in my opinion, they're a little more comfy.

Can you post the sigerson morrison pair you traded up for?

Cindy said...

i hate to bring them back because i do like the style but my sigs are so much more comfy and well...nicer. i'm posting them soon with all my value village sale scores.