omfg it's back

so gossip girl has started again and as much as it was fun showing the whole hamptons/summer vibe of nyc the wardrobe wasn't that hot in the first episode. it's kind of like real life and how you can't build cool layered outfits in the heat. blair did look amazing in her marc at the white ball though. episode two brought much stronger looks. blair wearing a lot of red with marcus, cute little shorts, heart houndstooth bag and that marc bow dress. maybe, she's showing him her love? plus, i'm loving serena's young designer vibe this year. i think her look is going to be less boho and more polished rocker/downtown this year. chuck is always looking good even if i'm biased and i'm liking his much discussed new hair. here are some images, all from fashion spot and you know you love me. wasn't it amazing when blair said omfg? i can't wait for the black out next week.

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