due for a polish, rescue me?

i've always been intrigued by rescue beauty's nail polishes. the colours are always so interesting and they're usually one of the first to put out new colour trends. i never been able to find the polishes in canada, so if anyone has any suggestions about where to pick them up, please pass them along. these are the colours i'm currently lusting, including the my favourite a pinky/purple grey, aptly named grunge. polishes from left to right; grunge, purple haze, recycle, stormy, pepto pink, no more war.


Stephanie said...

fun colours! love the greens...really different.

21 was good! I haven't read the book but I thought the film had a good cast (Spacey and Bosworth and Sturgess) and the plot had me hooked.

Vegas in six weeks!! Have you ever been? I've been once and it's definitely a do-it-at-least-once-in your life experience but as a whole it's far too over the top and tacky for my taste but at the same time- the kitch-iness is definitely the overall allure! I can't believe how hot it was either- dry heat- but nonetheless it was like midnight and it was sweltering dry heat! Such a weird feeling being acclimatized to the humid north!


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you where to buy these in Canada but try Ebay sometimes. They are really great nail polishes. When I lived in NYC I used to get pedicures regularly at Rescue. I have a few polishes but not Grunge! It's sold out online and only by pre-order. My friend from Vancouver has it, I'll have to ask where she got it.