sisterly love

two perfect looks from my favourite brit sisters, sav and sienna. the leather jacket is a definite purchase. but i love every bit of both looks. is it bad that i can't wait for fall09 and it's only february?

  • currently watching breathless and marveling at the beauty that is jean seberg

  • must buy striped things, see above
  • can't wait to check out the bargains tomorrow, hopefully it will be warmer so i can walk to the thrifts
  • i want i want a non fat no whip half sweet cafe mocha from the buck... i know it's lame i get embarrassed when i order it.

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stephanie said...

I loved the Twenty8Twelve collection!!
Nothing ground-breaking but everything was so perfectly on trend with twentysomething wardrobe wished!
The two looks you posted are def. two of my faves and the dress Chanel Iman strolled out in at the end is another must-have!! Unfortunately I likely won't be buying anything because past twenty8twelve purchases have led me to believe their pieces are poor quality. Hopefully they'll pick a piece and make it a staple of their line (ie: the leather jacket) and invest in improved quality.

The coffee comment made me laugh because I always used to go to Second Cup in the McGill ghetto (w/ Jenny) and order a non-fat Vanilla Latte and the barista would call out the order as "one McGill Girl" and we'd laugh and then eventually I just started placing my order as: "One McGill Girl- without judgement" with a massive smile :) lol. Those were sort of the good old days in the sense that I can no longer order milk or soy drinks as I'm intolerant to both substances :(