he seems alive though he is feeling blue, the sun is shining man he's super cool

i love dusty colours. they look sun worn and loved. the afternoon light only adds to the warmth of this look, all grey layers and hazy blues. i'm also having a strong attraction to anything perforated or netted lately, especially this great light scarf. the cardigan is completely perforated except for the hems but it's hard to tell in the photos. i can't wait to wear it with cut offs and tanks this summer.
i've added a clip of one of my favourite hip hop tracks right now, day and night by kid cudi b/c i always have more swagger with my hair pulled back, ;) the video is crazy too.


Stephanie said...

lol funny post-
t h e b i t a b o u t
h a v i n g m o r e
s w a g g e r
w i t h y o u r
h a i r p u l l e d
b a c k. lol.

i ' m l i k i n g t h e s o n g.

l o v e t h e s c a r f
a n d t h e
g r a y & m a u v e
c o m b o.

felt like switching up the typing lol.


Katherine said...

Woah, the light hit your legs right as your boots end and for a second I was like "is she wearing suede waders?"

Cindy said...

katherine- i wish they went up that high. i'm dying for some thigh high suede boots.

stephanie- i should have posted mia, "no one on the corner has swagger like us" but i liking kid cudi a lot more right now.... lol.

Anonymous said...

yes to dusty colors, love love love grey!

Anonymous said...

yes to dusty colors, love love love grey!

stephanie said...

mia would have been great too.
but this i s
a song i'd never heard

it was 16 d egrees on Saturday here.
I couldn't believe how warm it felt. but to be honest, I only wore that to take those pictures that day, I was pretty much inside the rest of the day- I only have one opportunity a week to take pictures cause of Sebastien and I's busy schedule, so it's an outfit I actually wore to work earlier that week :)

And i bought the vest at salvation army and bleached it myself: in the shower: poured bleach on it sporadically. rinse. wash it. AS opposed to my first bleaching tie-dye attempt a little while back, this was easy and successful :)


rackkandruin said...

dude, you should totally take a road trip to vermont this summer, vt is amazing in the summer. tons of great swimming holes, lake champlain, hiking, montreal is really close to burlington. think about it!