with every heartbeat

i love, i want, i need.
alexander wang fall o9
for the amazing jakandjil.com


Stephanie said...

oh wow! They are definitely something else!!! look at that heel!!! I saw these on jakandjil and I don't even think I realized they were a.wang!

I am seriously coveting the a.wang zipper bags that come in white and bleached blue...lady Rumi is wearing the white one in her latest post, sure you noticed...it's such a great spring summer bag...I wonder where they sell it in Mtl? As far as my research led me over the weekend, it's available at barneys but I don' think they ship north.

Anyways... thanks so much for you super awesome comment lady :)


Cindy said...

shopbop has them and they ship north but the duty is alot on their stuff. i know holts doesn't carry them from what i've seen. barneys had tons of the black ones when i was in ny in october. maybe you should pop down for a weekend. topshop is opening in april (so they say).

Stardust and Sequins said...

haha Harley made the corn flakes sell out... :-D


stephanie said...

I remember shopbop today!! And I got so stoked! you just reminded me of such a shobop bummer though- their duty!! such a bitch! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go for it because it's just the kind of bag I love to carry around with cut offs in the summertime. They have it in black and the bleached denim colour- I'm leaning towards the latter, but I'm not sure it I'll be able to pull it off as well as a blond could....