daria en"V"y

just saw the preview for the swim issue of v magazine and it's going to be a hot one. with the likes of carmen, kate, natalia, fontana and of course daria gracing the pages and multiple covers, all shot by mario testino. can't wait, may 6th!


stephanie said...

how H O T is daria in these?!!!! I nearly died when i saw the first shot in this post yesterday! I tweeted the picture/link instead of doing a post....speaking of which, lady when are you gonna (cave and) join twitter?!! lol d o i t !


Zarna said...



stephanie said...

l o l! I had a feeling you felt that way abt facebook/twitter and i t o t a l l y feel you! I CANT stand facebook and initially i was like twitter is so lame- it's a spin off, but then my brother was talking to me about it and the plus side, for blogging purposes, and i joined and i have to say i actually like it, well i have fun with it, anyway ;)

gennie said...

omg this is way too much hotness to handle! ;)