gleaming the cube

doodah is a european skate/streetwear chain that carries all the boys favourite lines like rvca and obey but also does some cool collaborations. above is a series of skateboard decks they're selling featuring some other the hottest models. with girls like lara store and isabeli fontana half naked on your board who wouldn't want to skate? you'd be the hottest thing at the park.

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stephanie said...

these are sooo cool!!!!

I honest to god think that Lara looks the best in these three- love her sparklin' boots. so awesome!

this is a killer collab imo, i worked at Quiksilver for a yr (this time last yr I was leaving and i did a sting at the one in TO on Queen st) anyways, this is the perfect representation of my two worlds combined a yr+ ago: snowboarding, working with skate and surf-obsessed kids and all the while finding myself fashion-obsessed. lol. i n e v e r really fit in there, and the more i look back, the more it's clear.

glad that period is o v e r. though i was into surfing/Roxy for a hell o f a long time, like a good 10 yrs long.