guy meets girl

nora arnezeder and taylor kitsch, nylon may 2009


Michaela said...

thanks for the sweet comment. I truly fell in love with your blog as fast as I looked at it! (I've linked you too) It's seldom I find people who likes the same things / themes as me, so I went totally sicko wacko happy when I read your posts.

and when it comes to Effy... Yeah, she's the shit <3

Hugs n' kisses!

stephanie said...

I love the top picture here, look like she's yawning- that's how i feel right now, just waking up lol.

I totally hear you on the crediting thing. it can be very frustrating when other bloggers don't play fair.
Ive been waiting for the day i receive a mean anon comment but it hasnt happened yet, but INSTEAD what do i get?! FOWL-PLAY in the name of a content advosory splash that CANNOT BE REMOVED!!!!!!!!!!
did you know there is no one to contact at google?! UGH! This week has been internet hell and its' so timely really cause last weekend i thought about shutting down leChic.
I was just f e d u p with the whole fashion blogging/ popularity contest thing. and for what?! you know why i started blogging? cause Jenny told me about TrueNorth :) and i started leChic from one minute to the next never having SEEN another fashion blog prior and i do love what it's evolved into but some days i just feel its all tooo much! I mean, at the end of day its nice to have readers, but honest to god id rather have 10 awesome readers than take part in a charade. I refuse to blog for other people. I mean, i will not publish something if it doesn't interest me above everyone else.

and to that end, even though some people say it's a mom who came by and saw something "offensive" on leChic and flagged it, I REALLY feel like it's another blogger with cruel and childish intentions. Sometimes i just feel like people don't get that my blog isn't just an after-school hobby, ITS ON MY RESUMÉ!! Talk about the lowest of the low in terms of ANON actions. sigh.

That's m y r a n t lol! ;)


diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg his photo with the girl, her makeup is flawless. Love the whole photo