you breed thoroughbreds, i breed cheetahs

the first day back: window shopping, sushi, russh 27.....

jacket and boots: vintage
sweater: bcbg
shirt: gap
jeans: ag


Emma said...

LOVE the leopard print cardy. jealous. your perfectl chanelling Dsquared fall 09. Im planning on maing myself a leopard velour kimono jacket. heaven.

Michaela said...

You look so incredible cute! True nprth style indeed. Can't help thinking about the old show 'Northern Exposure'. You remind me a bit of a long haired Maggie o'Connell from the show. Love the outfit!

hugs n' kisses!

Silvie said...

Oh i am soooooo loving the jacket!

stephanie said...

you look amazingggggggggg

i love love love this look on you!

you know i'm trying to thrift a plaid shirt for a g e s now and have y e t to find the perfect one. or really a n y at a l l for that matter. but i always think of y o u for inspiration in the plaid shirt category. you and MK make them look so covetable to me!!

also, you will see the bag today. new outfit post later....:)

and on another thrifting note, im trying to find pleated pants a la chloƩ and i found the almost perfect pair yesterday but what kills me is that i have the height but they never close or they are too tight at the waist~! lol! i swear those pants are made for rake thin girls and that's exactly how i remember them from the 90's too. they were always tight on me at the waist....but im determined to find a pair that fits me right. man, thrifting is addictive with all the things you can find in there! lol!


Emz said...

Love your outfit! The plaid shirt and boots are really nice =)

Francheska said...

love this
and yes to sushi!

Anonymous said...

very cool boots!

thanks for your comment :) please visit my blog again, i just posted the most awesome necklace made by leah sakellarides. it's a custom piece for macaroni club and SHE'S GIVING ONE AWAY on my blog this week! all you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment and/or sign up to follow the blog!

rackkandruin said...

soooo jealous she got those boots!! i'd kill for the red zipper riding boots!! but i don't know if i could ever drop that much dough on something that goes on my feet. . . . SICK jacket girl!!!

Michaela said...

Oh, that's so cool :D Where did you study design? I'm living in Finland (small country between Russia & Sweden, Marimekko's homecountry ;D) but trying to go abroad to study fashion, so I could really need some good tips! :D

hugs & kisses!

Anonymous said...

You look cool!
Nice blog !
Thanks for your comment :)


isabelle said...

love your shirt!