i believe in the sand beneath my toes

saw these lovelies over at fashion canvas and the were just too good not to re-post. you all know how much i love isabel and those eyebrows of hers, ;). 
isabel lucas in gq.

*side note* for those g.g. fans out there was the not the craziest season finale ever? un b eli ev ab l e......


Anonymous said...

the puppy was just born! he is SO small!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

god isabel is stunning! shes even more beautiful in real life too.

love your blog, keep up the good work!

stephanie said...

she looks unbelievably gorgeous in these- def. worth the re-post!

and GG was insane...i was at the hospital (my brother got called in for his surgery last night...what a late night) anyways i caught the last half hour and it was soo good! Esp. the Blair and Chuck scene :) huge smiles there :)

how was your weekend?


noirohio vintage said...

UGH she makes me want to be on the beach RIGHT NOW.

Urban Revisions said...

I love her eyebrows too!!! man I want to go to the beach....

want to share links? I have a new blog :)


Emma said...

Ohmygosh she looks STUNNING! am so jealous