i want a plane that loops de loop

me i want a hula hoop.

kate moss


Michaela said...

<3 <3 <3 (Kate!!)

(loved your last post! Amazing pics, sweetie :D)

stephanie said...

omgod i r e m e m b e r this ed!!!!! it's soo great! holl hoops is s u c h a great ab workout!

I always start my comments with OMG (it's ridiculous how much i use that word!) and it always makes me think of a friend i met in Australia when i was backpacking- she was British and she'd always say in America they say OMG so much and here we just dont and it became this joke between us where she'd be like steph ohmygod.... lol! she was sooooo right! ahaha

I love your comment by the way, lady- you always take the time to write something really great- honestly, i look forward to them :)

I love that you mentioned Domino! Such a great magazine! So sad that it folded. I had no idea I-D was going down to six/year- man the recession blows.

I thought of you when i bought the necklaces! I got a bullet too (i have been eyeing them for sooo long! and my brother was like you're gonna wear a bullet- really?! lol!) i cant wsit to receive themn: i got a silver bullet with a rhinestone embedded at the top that catches the light and another one with an antler. i love that they're sooo long- i cannot wait to layer them :)


F Blog said...

This is a great photo.. i wish i was hoola-hooping on a beach right now!
And yes I'm from Canada too!

Anonymous said...

so, i've been meaning to tell you i'm very intrigued about your trip to best friends. are animals a career or a passion of yours? or both?! i love animals more than anything, have 3 pets that i rescued, and am expecting puppies TODAY or TOMORROW agh! it was NOT on purpose but i'm excited about it anyway!

Anonymous said...

i used to have a pit when i lived in upstate new york on the very boarder of canada, VERY close to you! closer to you than any other US city haha! i LOVE pits myself!

my yet-to-be-born puppy's mom is a chihuahua that we rescued, and the dad is half dauschund, half yorkie. so, to answer your question, he will be a mutt! we will be labeling him a chidorkie. :)

Tough Cookie said...

OMG, your doggy is so cute! What kind? I have a one year old goldendoodle who is the apple of my eye!