mini break

just in case you've been wondering about the lack of posts......
i'm in muskoka sitting on a lounger on the balcony of the sweetest hotel room i've ever had drinking ceasers and soaking up the good life. seriously this place is sic and about twice the size of my apartment.
i thought i brought the cable to connect my camera so i could post about a weeks worth of outfits but of course i grabbed the wrong one. photo booth will have to do. i hope the sun is shinning where you are.


stephanie said...

omgod lady, this post is seriously soo cool!!!!

i love the picture (those sunnies were m a d e for you!) and i adore the text an its tone!! amazing!

also got my rackk pieces and im in l o v e! wearing them as i type this at work over a sheer white t- perfecT!

have a drink for me ;) it's rainign here today- the weather is soo u p & d o w n- yesterday was much like the sunlight you're sitting in ;)



Miriam said...

love it!! and i want ur aa tee xxx