omg ♡

this is why i love blogs.

they introduce you to things you never knew you wanted but never want to live without. thanks to the amazing emma of ragpony i can no longer function without these on my feet. hopefully come fall i'll be able to get my hands on them and they'll be under 1000$ miu miu fall09.


Anonymous said...

these are SO perfect for your climate. get them quick!

Emma said...

My heart aches :( had to visit your post just to perve at them again!! haha/

stephanie said...

i saw these on emma's blog as well!!! they are sooo perfect, lady! and im pretty sure they were made with you in mind! you n e e d them!!!! i really hope you score them come the fall- i bet they're s u p e r comfy too!!!



Carolina Botelho said...

hahaha.. hottt shoes!!!