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by now everyone's sick of the met ball pictures but i had to post this shot of one of my top looks of the night. even though daria was my favourite, lou was a close second and i don't think she got enough love for her amazing ensemble.

lou dillon in nina ricci with olivier theyskens 
src. style.com


stephanie said...

I'm not the biggest lou fan, but i loved this dress on her. it was edgy and chic at the same time. just gorgeous, really. how c u t e are her an theyskens?! I just want to hug oliver- he's creative genius and this pic makes me wanna take him with me everywhere!


CAMILLE said...

i agree not enough credit for such a stunning dress. she looks great

camille x

Allie said...

Such a beautiful dress. I agree, she barely got any recognition for it! Somehow Jessica Biel was given compliments for her orange tan and fake versace while Lou was ignored. How unjust!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

Red looks grand on her!

jess s//