what's in my make up bag/medicine cabinet?

so i've had a few requests to go through my favourite beauty products. i'm not really an expert on the topic, i've always been a clothes person over make up and hair but here are the things i love to use.

night regime: i am a loyal clinique buyer after years of trying different lines at different price points, these work the best for me. i use to have problems with my skin and thanks to their acne solutions line and a fabulous dermatologist i can now say i have as close to perfectly clear skin as one can get. i don't use the a.s. moisturizer every night, only if i have a breakout. i usually use the continuous rescue antioxidant moisturizer and the marcelle vitamin c eye cream. there both so hydrating and make my skin so soft.
day regime: i only cleanse my skin with water and moisturize in the morning. i use clinique youth surge with spf normally and always after treatments. it's amazing and perfect for twenty somethings trying to fend off the aging process. i also use either jergens or olay's self tanner infused moisturizers with spf if i need some colour, especially in the winter. if i have a late night i love the anti-puff garnier skin renew cooling eye roller. for treatments i love microdermabrasion. i use a life refine, local drug store brand in scrub form and philosophy micro delivery mini peel pads. i've recently acquired bliss triple oxygen instant energizing mask too but i haven't been using it long enough to give a true review. the key for day is moisturizer and protect with spf
for hair less is more. i love a messy bed head texture so i adore sea sprays and dry shampoo. i use sunsilk's sea mist and bumble and bumble sea spray. for dry shampoo i try and find affordable options and stock up on pssssst whenever i'm in the u.s. otherwise oscar blandi and klorane make a good ones. kevin murphy motion lotion was recommend to me by my stylist charlotte at parlor. it helps me achieve the kristen stewart messy wave look i love on my sidebar.
make up: i'm very simple. i often don't wear any but these are my go tos. for lashes i love imju fiberwig. it's a japanese tube product. it coats the lash and thickens and lengthens it but it never smudges and washes off with water. this is key b/c i hate raccoon eyes and left over mascara face in the morning. if i want a more dramatic or traditional look i go for bad gal lash by benefit and dior show but i ♥ fiberwig. i have to get it online or in the states as it's not sold in canada.

nail polish: an addiction, i love unusual colours. my favourite brands are rimmel, o.p.i. and la. girl flair. i wear the la girl colours the most b/c they're so affordable and come in such cool shades. i'm wearing a lilac on my fingers and a periwinkle on my toes from them right now. i also love the colours that rescue beauty does but i haven't been able to get my "nails" on those yet.
lips: i'm all about gloss, pinks and nudes. my favs are top left to right: rimmel birthday suit lipstick, revlon shiny sheer peachy sheen spf15, mac fullfilled lip volumizer (my fav!), revlon nude lustre lip gloss. btm left to right: mac popster lip conditioner spf 15(hello kitty line), mac honey bare gloss, and the must have, rosebud strawberry lip balm. i can't survive without it.
eye shadows: i love pinks, nudes and browns. i might use a green or blue liner but i stick to a more natural look for shadows. left to right: stila colour ?, mac pink venus, mac stars 'n' rockets, mac grand entrance, urban decay scratch, mac sweet lust and the rimmel eye twist due in 7050.
lastly my big thing when it comes to make up in getting a good glow so i have a little highlighter addiction. for a perfect base i use the balm, balm shelter tinted moisterizer spf 18 in light medium. i also love the balm concealers and use both light/medium and medium depending on the time of year. it's great for covering any imperfection. i also use ysl touche eclat in "2" for under the eye and contours. it's so expensive but it works so i'll keep buying it.
for highlighting i use ck runway radiance illuminating cream in pearl glow or benefit moon beam if i want a dewy finish, as they're creams. i usually use mac mineralize skinfinish though. i'm obsessed with these. i use the mcqueen limited edition in new vegas for drama and golden highlights and live for the more pinky "soft and gentle" for everyday. it's a perfect product. lastly physicians formula shimmer strips in sunset strip is a great bronzer/highlight/eye shadow. it's perfect for travel b/c you only have to bring one product and it does the job well.

that's it, sorry for the long post. hopefully i didn't bore you guys ;) 
this post is dedicated to jessie a. and if you like a good food blog check out hers, the foodie and the beast. it's so well written plus, completely charming and fun just like the girl who writes it.


Stephanie said...

omgod M E G A post lol!!

i love your makeup and i see you have the physicians formula shimmer strips- i was just working with some of those at the magazine.
I'm SOOOO addicted to nail polish too- im hoping my editor will give me all of it before she has the raffle! she gave me all the essie neon colours which i love!

Also see the mac skinfinish and i think it looks like such a great product! i actually just went to their fall line event last week and it was AMAZING!!! the presentation was sooo inspiring: it started with a video of runway and beauty with blaring awesome music and the presenter has worked at so many collections backstage!!!

I NEED to get on the dry shampoo train- i haven't tried any yet but the results ive seen are incredible! I adore the messy look too.

and I had to write you about the shopbop duty comment: I KNOW!!!!!!!!!! they are outrageous with their duty rates! it's only worth it for the really big splurge purchases. I REALLY love those cynthia vincent wedges as well and i also am dying to buy the liz and jeams gladiators- but ill only buy one pair and while i adore the suede pari, i want them in black, so im waiting to see who comes out with them.

glad you liked the current/elliotts: they ARE AMAZINGLY comfy!! really though and sooo soft! and i know net a porter says they're 250 US- btu i got them at Holts (i rarely shop ther anymore cause everything is an impulse buy and these are a case in point- though they do serve their purpose so it was worth it) and i paid 170. which i think is really reasonable for them.

I also just did an outfit post i really think you're gonna like!! my skirt was a gift and i loved it right away cause i could totally see Daria W rockin' it ;)


Emz said...

I loveee how well you take care of yourself! Haha, if only I had the time. How do you travel with all this stuff though???

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I love these kinds of posts. I love reviews of any kind and especially of beauty products.

feather hunter said...

ahhh i spot a badgirl-lash! best stuff ever! love the post

feather hunter said...

ahhh i spot a badgirl-lash! best stuff ever! love the post

rackkandruin said...

i'm obsessed with Dior Show!! my friends introduced me to it and it's definitely a go-to for when i want big freakin lashes!! thanks for the beauty post. . .maybe i'll have to do one of these soon. . .xx