atlanta atlanta

the lovely atlanta de cadenet taylor has been featured in april 09's paris vogue. she is daughter of one of my favourite photographers, amanda de cadenet and john taylor from duran duran. she's also the subject of my favourite photo of amanda's featured in my sidebar and here. looks like atlanta is going to be one to watch in the future. i know i can relate to her love of vintage, flannel, balenciaga... adore her already.


Kasey said...

she is soo pretty.
i love that yellow bag in the top pic.
well, if it was featured in paris vogue it's to expensive for me!!

michaela said...

Gosh she's pretty! Thanks for the inspiration <3

stephanie said...

when i saw this editorial i thought of you!

don't you see a resemblence between her and Rachel bilson in some of these shots?


Kate. said...

Oooh, makes wanna get a spiderman t-shirt.