big mac

it was very tasty.
top: uo
jeans: american eagle
bag: vintage
shoes: steve madden
sunnies: mango


Margaux. said...

that makes me want fries so badly!

glamourgirl said...

i haven't had mcdonalds in several years! you're making me miss it!

cute cat :)

stephanie said...

I love mcdonalds fries so much!!! am actually craving their apple pie at the moment, but i'm too lazy to go buy one! lol!

love your sunnies and that top!!! it's perfect!!!

great post!


stephanie said...

and i've never had a big mac before either!!


amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

i've never had one either, but thats because i don't like burgers. i'm glad you enjoyed it

flared jeans were made for you!

kiss kiss!
hope to hear from YOU :)
-amy :)

Emma said...

I've never had one either!

michellehendra said...

i love friesss a lott! and i'm starving just to see the picture of your meal! lol.


kirstyb said...

Love the outfit! I have yet to try a big mac xoxox

♥ fashion chalet said...

omg, it's literally been years since I had a big mac I miss those, thanks for making me drool ;) great bag, btw!


blackbook said...

ive only ever had one bigmac........didnt really like, im a cheeseburger girl haha

the maisies said...

hey i really like your outfit here! it's to see someone who hasn't been sucked into the skinny jeans vortex and those flares look really good and not at all cartoonish on you. also i have bag envy, ooooh it's pretty it's pretty.....

Anonymous said...

very cool bag!!

CRISTA said...

LOVING that bag!