clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

four things:
  1. i love her blue suede fringe coat, her thin armed sunnies, the way her belt's tied and the roominess of her boots.
  2. i have no idea where i got this image. i'm usually really good about giving credit for sources and remembering where i get things but this picture is a mystery. i know it's from a blog i follow so if you recognize it as yours drop me a comment so i can give you the props!
  3. i had my first motorcycle ride today! thanks dave and thanks for driving really slow, lol.
  4. friday night lights season three, amazing. watch it.


Posh said...

I love this outfit, looks very good!

Kaila said...

super rad ;)

ann said...

I love her fringe coat & boots

stephanie said...

I saw this outfit on a blog recently too and i loved it instantly! totally agree with the criteria you love it for. the blue suede fringed jacket= amazing. was just watching 90210 (the Original) and saw kelly in her suede beige fringed jacket and was definitely lusting! lol!

I need to get Friday Night Lights! You just reminded me lol!


F Blog said...

I love this whole look. Especially the fringe jacket.. obviously!

L said...

That fringe jacket is awesome

the maisies said...

i like the way her hair and the fringing go so well together, it makes it so languid and cool. it would look so wrong with an up-do.