part of the pack

♥ amazing, perfect, couldn't live without wolf tunic, the first pair of summer shoes,
my beloved tiffany ball chains and neon nail polish ♥
what i did today: got the day off so slept in, bought magazines and tru blood books, had sushi at new gen., finished my new marian keyes book (thanks duncan), made stuffed shells, watched urban cowboy (sissy's so cute) and the jays beat texas......
tunic: zara
leggings: uo
blazer: thrifted, vintage
shoes: nine west
scarf: h&m
necklaces: tiffany's


JINX said...

you look amaz'n...and yes i'm a foot man...nice toes


stephanie said...

love the polish and this entire outfit is stunning!!!!


Unknown said...

lovinnnn ur jacket. :)

LPNY by Monika Pierzynowska said...

hi;)! Is your nailcolour is from Sephora;)? I think that I've got the same;)!!! I also need to look for some high heel sandals;)

New note on my blog- hope you'll enjoy it;)!


Anonymous said...

You look so fresh!
I love this outfit specially with you :)


Anonymous said...

i loveeeeeeee the wolves, matches that wolf vest you have :D just dont wear them together haha :P

i am in a crisis right now, everywhere i go i analyze people's clothing and force myself to think of ways that i could improve it and stuff:( could you give some tips on layering and street style?


erin baillie-rutter said...

wow, this is a really nice outfit!
love the shoes you're wearing (and nail polish!)


Unknown said...

I was drawn to the neon polish right away! Amazing!

stephanie said...

goign to NYC - :)! for a press event for the magazine. excited and hoping to squeeze in Opening Ceremony and the MET Model as Muse exhibit....though it's also allegedly t-showering :( bummer...and the trip is only for a day.



cute look :) im an addict of tights, you should come and check out my new blog, i think you might enjoy the different tights i put out there ^_^

This chick's got style said...

Thanks for your comment!
Such a pretty smile and I love your shoes and necklaces, gorgeous!!


Anonymous said...

great shoes !