what i've been loving from your blogs.....

from top to bottom: beach dreams via feather hunter, perfect look via lefashion, red plaid via gold dust women, alexa in uk vogue via knight cat, hot chloes via farfetch, kristen and her perfect hair via fabsugar uk, alexa in jalouse via gold dust women.


thischicksgotstyle said...

I'm loving all of these shots!
And thank you for your sweet comment!


stephanie said...

great post idea!! i adore the second picture too: those shorts are chloƩ-esque perfection and i adore the navy blue and the big bow.
and as for alexa- i need that sequin skirt in my life!

oh! and so exciting that you found a similar skirt! i cant wait to see it!!



What a great idea for a post!
I'm loving the girl in black, what a chic outfit. x

Anonymous said...

i lUV!

stephanie said...

I completely agree with you about Julia!! She and i are the same age and we even share the same birthday month...days apart :)- I find it hard sometimes that i adore the stylish posts bloggers' do but all the muses are like 18-21, an tallulah is like 17 or something...makes me either wish they were older or i was still that age, blogging lol!



Gold Dust Women said...

awww thanks so much for the mention :)
we love your blog too!


Kate. said...

Amazing pictures! x)