to the last day of summer!

get out today and do something fun.


LAYNE said...

Oh Don't worry, I already sprayed ant spray around the whole house when i moved in. These houses are infested with carpenter ants. grrr...

oh well roaches would be the last straw ha.


stephanie said...

omgod such a cute post! I was thinking it was the last week of summer this morning, but man i love labour day. even if this year i am doing nothing!


oh! i booked my trip this weekend.well email to plan to meet up k! it will be so awesome!


Kasey said...

noooooo! its the last day of summer? wow i had no idea... even though this summer has gone by so fast, i cant wait for fall and labor day!!! nice pic!

stephanie said...

love love love all your comments!! and thanks for noticing the side bar :) it takes long to tweak the smallest blog things, well for me who's virtually html illiterate / self-taught it does! it still feels a little too busy for my taste, but i'm still not sure where i want to go with it. anywayssss! i ALWAYS stick to the same pieces, t-shirts for instance, i cannot get enough, bought a Row one in NYC and i love it, though another annoying thing i do is save some of the more splurge pieces i own, like the Row one, not sure what i'm waiting for, but i haven't worn it yet!

i used to own this army coat at McGill but i got rid of it and haven't bought anything similar since. while they look comfy, i'm really inspired by feminine outerwear in these last few years, so i try to stick to those.

GG starts Sept. 14th! you have to get season two! i watched the dvd set -twice already! LOVE blair in it! she's my favourite. and i really love Lily and her timeless yet "now" and elegant style as well. such an inspiration for how to stay modern yet appropriate in you 40's +.

WAIT- are you only getting to NYC on the 11th?~! My flight is at 5 to come back home that day. i get there the 8th at 10am.

glad you got the Sart book! which one? softback or limited edition? i leave it on my TV table and flip through it while watching re-runs and EVERY time my eye catches something new, that's why i love it and will prob. love it for years to come.


NADINE said...

love this pic!!!!

great blog too!