sara paxton at fashion night out in calvin klein
after seeing her in "last house on the left" and "it's on with alex chung",
i've developed a girl crush on miss sara.
i'm really looking forward to watching her weekly on the beautiful life (it premieres tomorrow).
she kind of reminds me of a blonde alexis bledel, sweet, innocent, wide eyed beauty.
src. tfs.


Kenza said...

she looks really nice!
im surprised actually. i know she did one those "Halloween Town" movies on disney channel.. so i didn't expect her to actually KNOW how to dress.
not bad for a disney ;) haha

Antonio Barros said...

She is gorgeous and looks lovely with this outfit!


Lina said...

you are 100% spot on with the sara/alexis comparison. can't believe i never saw it myself, considering my huuuge girl crush on sara.

Rackk and Ruin said...

I totally agree with your comments about the Urban Chic editorial. . . at first i thought they were taken backstage or something. . they just look a bit too casual for an editorial. hmmm, not sure what they were trying to go for but the clothing was amazing! xx

Ashwini said...

I'm not sure I love the dress. But I love her necklace and the barely-there makeup.

Cindy Van Dyck said...

Her outfit is lovely!